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  • 100+ metal and plastic material

  • Multiple processing capabilities and surface finishes

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  • 18 years experience in precision machining

Who We Are?

RALLY is a leading provider of custom parts manufacturing, specializing in CNC precision machining for the delivery of superior quality precision engineered parts. We leverage cutting-edge technology to craft remarkable parts from a variety of materials including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and even plastics. Known for their exceptional precision and durability, our custom-manufactured parts are a mainstay in electronic telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, and custom industrial equipment industries. They are engineered to ensure unmatched reliability and longevity. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction positions us as a trustworthy partner for all your custom parts manufacturing needs.

Our Products Show
Metal CNC Machining Aluminum machined parts -custom parts manufacturing

Aluminum Parts

CNC machining aluminum parts delivers high-precision, lightweight components with excellent strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, suitable for a wide array of applications.

Brass machined parts -custom parts manufacturing

Brass Parts

CNC machining brass parts produces precisely crafted components with exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic appeal, ideal for various industries and applications.

Plastic machined parts -custom parts manufacturing

Plastic Parts

CNC plastic parts offer reliable, lightweight, and cost-effective solutions for various industries, with excellent chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties.

Stainless steel machined parts -custom parts manufacturing

Stainless Steel Parts

CNC stainless steel parts deliver high-precision, robust components with exceptional resistance to corrosion and heat, making them perfect for demanding applications across diverse industries.

From Rapid Prototyping to Mass Production in Custom Parts Manufacturing

rapid prototyping
Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping accelerates product development by swiftly creating physical models. Utilizing technologies like 3D printing, CNC machining, and CAD, designers iterate and refine concepts efficiently. This process fosters innovation, reduces time-to-market, and lowers costs, ultimately enhancing product quality and customer satisfaction.

Small Batch Production
Small Batch Production

Small batch production is a manufacturing approach that involves producing limited quantities of a product. This method allows for greater customization, reduced waste, and faster time-to-market. Ideal for niche markets or start-ups, small batch production enables businesses to meet unique consumer demands and test new products without substantial financial risk.

Large-Scale Manufacturing
Large-Scale Manufacturing

It is the mass production of products using advanced machinery and automation. This approach offers economies of scale, reducing per-unit costs and enhancing profitability. Suitable for high-demand products, large-scale manufacturing ensures consistent quality, increased efficiency, and greater output, meeting the needs of global markets and consumer expectations.

Metal and Plastic Machining: Versatile Custom Parts Manufacturing for Your Unique Needs

Discover the excellence of our custom parts manufacturing services. Rally's unmatched metal CNC machining expertise ensures accurate, efficient results. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and skilled personnel, we work with materials like aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and plastic. Our range of surface treatments, including powder coating, anodizing, and plating, offers a perfect finish. Trust our team to meet your custom parts manufacturing needs seamlessly.


Aluminum Machining

RALLY offers precision aluminum machining services, supplying unique high-precision aluminum components for a range of applications using cutting-edge equipment to assure precise material removal, the tightest tolerances, better surface finishes, and maximum repeatability. Our aluminum machining techniques, which include CNC turning and milling, generate products with excellent precision and durability.


Brass Machining

We specialize in brass machining. Our brass components are utilized in a variety of sectors, including communications and microwaves, aerospace, electronic lighting, and medical. Using cutting-edge machinery and methods, we deliver accurate precision and tight tolerances for demanding tasks. With our extensive brass machining services, your concept or sketch may become a physical object.


Plastic Machining

CNC plastic machining for plastic parts is necessary for many different industries. Our plastic machining process includes precision CNC cutting, milling, drilling, and turning. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make sure the final plastic part is optimal for its purpose. Through quality materials and craftsmanship, we are committed to delivering superior plastic machined parts that suit any customer’s needs.

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