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Aluminum Machining Service In China

Aluminum Machining Services

Precision machined aluminum parts are becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing industries. Aluminum machining is gained popularity because of aluminum's incomparable mechanical and chemical properties such as durability, affordability, softness, and corrosion resistance. Rally Precision is one of the reliable and leading aluminum machining service providers in China. Our expert engineers in aluminum machining and state-of-the-art technology have given us the edge to achieve this distinction. We are deeply experienced in working with different industries like aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, and military on their aluminum machining projects. Aluminum machining requires precision and special CNC techniques to get the best results, which is Rally Precision core forte. We guarantee our customers accurate, application-oriented, and finely machined aluminum parts.

Our Aluminum Machining Capabilities

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Rally precision is equipped with powerful and technological machines that have the capabilities to machine complex aluminum structure parts with sleekness and accuracy. Our CNC machines have powerful spindles that cut the aluminum parts with accuracy and produce high-quality results. Our machines with small cutter and high RPM are efficient to produce finely detailed aluminum parts surfaces.

With the extensive experience of our engineers in aluminum machining, we have the capability to produce simple or complex, extremely hard, and most fragile aluminum machined parts in small or large quantities. We don’t believe in minimum order quantity (MOQ) limitation, and that’s why we offer a single aluminum prototype with a quick turnaround and fast delivery or large quantity order with economical production cost.

What is Aluminum Machining?

Aluminum machining is a subtractive machining process because it removes the material from the aluminum workpiece to give the product desired shape. Aluminum is widely used in different manufacturing industries because of its impeccable properties that help in many applications. It is lighter in weight, has a lower material hardness, and has greater formability which makes it the best option for CNC machining and so many other manufacturing operations. The aluminum oxidized outer layer is corrosion-resistant and helps aluminum to stand different environmental conditions. CNC machining is effective on aluminum because many of its grades can be effectively penetrated by the cutting tool, perform operational efficiently and easily. Aluminum is also machined three times faster than other steel and iron grades.

Aluminum machining is done by using several CNC processes. Let's discuss some of these processes.

CNC Turning

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In this type of operation, the material rotates and cutting tools remain stationary along its axis. The outfeed motion of the cutting tool against the material is carried out for the removal of the material.

CNC Milling

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It is the most common type of CNC machining process used for aluminum machined parts. In CNC turning, the operation involves rotation of cutting tool while workpiece remains stationary. These machines can carry motion in multiple axes. The cutting action is achieved by either motion of workpiece or cutting tool or both, depending upon the type of machine.

CNC Drilling

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This process is employed for creating holes in aluminum machined parts. In CNC drilling, a multi-point rotation cutting tool moves perpendicular to the workpiece to drill and create a hole.

Advantages of Aluminum machining

Aluminum machining has several advantages and certain features that make it the best choice for machining operations. Such as:

Strength-to-weight ratio

Aluminum is a lightweight and highly strong material which makes it a top-notch option for use in high-performance applications. Industries like aerospace and automotive require parts with low weight and extreme strength to use aluminum in the manufacturing of airplanes and cars.

Corrosion resistance

There are many grades in aluminum and they vary in degree of corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance is an important factor for machined parts because it saves parts from getting damaged by the environment. Mostly used grade of aluminum for their corrosion resistance is 6061

Electrical conductivity

Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity with a conductivity rate of about 37.7 million siemens/meters at room temperature. This quality makes aluminum machined parts suitable for the consumer electronics industry.


Aluminum is a highly recyclable material. This enables manufacturers to reuse scrap produced during the machining process. This reduces the overall cost of aluminum machining

Surface finishing

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The surface treatment and finishing process are easy in machined aluminum parts such as painting and anodization. This improved quality for surface treatment helps aluminum parts to be more functional and betters aesthetics.


Aluminum is a cheaper material as compared to other materials like brass and titanium. You can use aluminum without sacrificing the performance and durability of your machined CNC machined parts. Its good machinability and Lightweight results in lower cost.

Aluminum machining service for many industries

Aluminum machining demand is increasing exponentially because of its exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. Let's find out which industry is using aluminum machined parts and for what applications:


Aluminum is used by the aerospace industry due to its lightweight and strength. It is a third of the weight of steel. It is used in making aircraft because of its distinctive features along with impressive corrosion resistance that ensures safety.


The automotive industry uses aluminum for its uncomparable features such as strength, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and conductivity. Its lightweight features help in the better performance of cars.


It is used by manufacturing because it helps in creating parts that are highly customizable, recyclable, can withstand temperature variations, and are easy to


Most of the electronics used steel it is comparatively stronger but extremely expensive while aluminum is cheaper. Also, electrical needs conductive surfaces that’s why electronic companies use aluminum


The medical industry uses aluminum for creating a number of different tools such as scalpels, blades, and clamps. Different dental tools are also produced using aluminum. When these tools are created using steel they are hard to grip.

Rally Precision has worked with multiple industries and has created thousands of different aluminum machined parts with its technological machines.

Aluminum alloys are used for CNC machining

Aluminum is available in numerous grades. Different types of grades of aluminum provide distinctive advantages and features. These grades are capable of myriad aluminum machining capabilities and can be used in rigid architectural parts and aerospace components. Let's narrow down some of these grades and find out about their features

Aluminum 5052

This grade is used for creating parts for saltwater environments because of its corrosion resistance. Aluminum 5052 is the strongest non-heat-treatable alloy. It has the capability to easily sheared, bent,s and punched into the intended structure. It is used for fuel lines, aircraft parts, and household items, etc.

Aluminum 5083

This grade has exceptional performance in extreme environmental conditions with high resistance to different chemical and seawater. This grade does not get hardened by heat treatment. It is used in shipbuilding, vehicle bodies, and rail cars.

Aluminum 6061

This grade is a top choice for aluminum machining because of its excellent properties including weldability, corrosion resistance, and versatility. 5 axis CNC machining is commonly used for this aluminum grade to machine parts. Computer parts, truck parts, electronics, and pipes are mostly made from this grade.

Aluminum 6082

It is a relatively new alloy and has medium strength and good corrosion resistance. In industry, it is known by the name of, structural alloy. It is used for creating bridges, cranes, milk churns, and other transport applications.

Aluminum 7050

It is high strength grade with high resistance to corrosion and stress. This application is extensively used in aircraft structures due to its high fracture toughness and fatigue resistance.

Aluminum 7075

Aluminum 7075 is known for its extreme fatigue strength. This grade is not easy to weld and is also one of the most expensive variants of aluminum available. Its hardness makes it a good option for aircraft wings, bicycles, weapons, and fuselage. Machining operation in this grade is conducted by using oil for lubrication.

Rally Precision offers aluminum machining services in all grades of aluminum with utmost accuracy and flawless design. Our advanced tooling system works on all grades having extreme hardness to a fragile structure.

How to find a Good aluminum machining supplier in China?

Quality control is crucial for your aluminum machined parts to sustain and it affects parts durability. A supplier must have partnered with the supplier who delivers the highest quality raw material. Also, aluminum parts suppliers have a team that does regular checks for partner's facility and material inspections to ensure quality metrics are being met.

  • Certifications

Before selecting a supplier make sure that the aluminum machined part manufacturers must have relevant certifications such as ISO9001, ISO13485 and AS9100

  • Customer Service

Customer service is that one specific element where you decide to go with a certain supplier or not. Choose aluminum parts manufacture with elegant and supportive customer service from China. Make sure your supplier speaks fluent English to communicate efficiently.

  • Production Ability

China has a vast market for aluminum machining service providers and different suppliers have distinctive production abilities. Depending upon your project specification, see if the supplier has capabilities according to your manufacturing requirements.

  • Order small-batch production as a trial

After evaluating all the above qualifications for a suitable supplier, order a small volume from the manufacturer as a trail to check if the supplier checks all requirements and provides satisfactory services.

Rally Precision has strict measures against quality control and all the above-mentioned points to make sure the client gets the best outcome from us with undisturbed communication throughout the project. We have created a system that brief clients every detail and answer technical queries to give them an idea about our services.

China aluminum machining Supplier’s Advantages

  • Economical production

Aluminum suppliers from China offer a very competitive price and economical productions. Their production for large batches with advanced machining technology helps to reduce cost and deliver economical parts to you. Rally Precision offer aluminum machining services for your large batch manufacturing with the highest technology machining to provide you with economical production.s

  • Material Availability

China is the leading market in CNC aluminum machining services. Suppliers from China offer wide material availability. Taking aluminum into consideration, China has multiple suppliers for aluminum machined parts with impeccable machining capabilities. Rally Precision is one of the advanced aluminum machining suppliers with material available for your small to large volume batch manufacturing.

  • Production Time

You can get your aluminum machined parts within 7-12 from China depending upon your production order. Rally Precision offers you an advanced instant quotation system and assigns a specific account manager for you to quickstart your project.

  • Ability to handle complex designs

Chinese suppliers have an immense ability to design extremely complex aluminum parts. With technological CNC machining capabilities, Chinese suppliers offer you finely detailed parts. We deliver intricately designed application-oriented aluminum parts.

  • Highly Professional Team

China as a leading aluminum machined parts supplier has highly skilled engineers who are vastly experienced in aluminum machining. Rally Precision has veteran engineers and machine operators who are equipped with broad experience and technical knowledge about aluminum machining services.

Important things to consider when ordering products from China

  • Proper communication

Communication is an important factor when working with a supplier from another region or part of the world. While ordering aluminum machined parts from China, make sure your supplier speaks fluent English and communicates thoroughly during the length of your project.

  • Signing an NDA

It takes time and unimaginable effort to create a design. So seeking an NDA agreement from the supplier is a clever take to prevent revealing od design secrets and sensitive information to the public.

  • Product shipping mode

Before you order your machined aluminum parts from China, find about how your supplier is going to ship your product to you, what kind of packaging the supplier would use and what will be the shipping cost.

  • Payment method

Suppliers have different payments terms and methods. It is better to settle payment terms and mode of the transaction before you order aluminum machined parts from China.

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Does Rally Precision offer Aluminum machining services?

Yes, Rally Precision offers aluminum machining services with modern industrial equipment and technological machines. We offer high precision and accurate aluminum parts at a competitive price with your detailed specification of parts. We at Rally Precision have years of aluminum machining experience in a wide range of industries with complex manufacturing requirements. Our team will keep you in the communication loop throughout the manufacturing process and provide you a proper update about your project. With Rally Precision, there is no restriction in order quantity, you can order prototypes, small volumes, and large batches. We also deliver your parts with the safest and secure transport system to ensure you get your parts safe and sound.


This article briefly discussed aluminum machining service in China and how can you get your aluminum parts to get ready and delivered from China. Now you can choose the best supplier based on the knowledge and information you have gathered from this article.

Our professional engineers can execute complex aluminum parts manufacturing for your wildest and extremist applications. If you need top-quality and fit for application aluminum machined parts, then you are just one step away from getting from the finest aluminum parts. Fill out our quotation form or write to us to get started with your aluminum machining project right away.

Contact RALLY for a free quote for your project.

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