Ride with Precision: CNC Machined Bike Stems by RALLY

At RALLY, we offer premium CNC machined bike stems, meticulously designed to amplify your cycling experience. Crafted with precision, our stems ensure unmatched control, durability, and optimal weight balance, delivering an extraordinary ride every time.

Materials for CNC machined bicycle stem:

Aluminum 6061:

  • 6061 Aluminum is a medium to high-strength alloy, making it apt for structural bicycle components like stems. Its tensile strength and fatigue resistance ensure the stem can withstand the varied stresses of cycling.

Aluminum 7075:

  • 6061 Aluminum is a medium to high-strength alloy, making it apt for structural bicycle components like stems. Its tensile strength and fatigue resistance ensure the stem can withstand the varied stresses of cycling.
CNC Aluminum Prototyping

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

Custom Metal Parts
CNC Milling

This process uses rotating tools to remove material from the HDPE block in a controlled manner, creating a variety of parts with complex geometries.

CNC turning stainless steel machining service
CNC Turning

Ideal for producing cylindrical or round parts, a CNC lathe spins the HDPE material while a cutting tool shapes it.

CNC drilling stainless steel machining service
CNC Drilling

CNC machines can accurately drill holes of various sizes and depths into HDPE, important for parts that require precise holes.

CNC grinding stainless steel machining service
CNC Grinding

For high-precision finishes and tight dimensional tolerances, our CNC grinding service is your ideal choice.

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Why Choose Our HDPE Machining Services?


We use high-quality HDPE material, known for its strength, durability, and chemical resistance, suitable for a broad range of applications.


We can handle a wide array of machining techniques, such as CNC milling, turning, and drilling, catering to diverse part geometries and designs.

Quick Turnaround

Our efficient machining processes and dedicated team ensure quick turnaround times, helping you meet your project deadlines.


Whether you require a single prototype or large production runs, our services are scalable to meet your unique needs.

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Features of HDPE material for CNC machining

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a popular thermoplastic material used in CNC machining due to its distinctive properties:

1. Machinability: HDPE is an easy material to machine and can be cut, drilled, and shaped effectively using CNC machines. It provides a good surface finish and has a low coefficient of friction.

2. Strength and Durability: HDPE has a high strength-to-density ratio. It's robust and impact-resistant, making it suitable for parts that require durability.

3. Chemical Resistance: HDPE is resistant to many solvents and has good chemical resistance, making it ideal for parts that might be exposed to various chemicals.

4. Lightweight: HDPE is lighter than many other materials, making it suitable for applications where weight is a consideration.

Machining HDPE: A Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HDPE?

HDPE, or High-Density Polyethylene, is a durable and chemically resistant plastic material widely used in various industries. It is known for its high strength-to-density ratio, moisture resistance, and recyclability.

2. Why use HDPE for CNC machining?

HDPE is a popular choice for CNC machining due to its easy machinability, durability, and chemical resistance. It's also lightweight, cost-effective, and recyclable, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

3. Can HDPE withstand high temperatures?

While HDPE has many desirable properties, it has a relatively low melting point and may warp under high temperatures. It's crucial to consider the operating environment of your part before choosing HDPE.

4. How does the cost of HDPE machining compare to other materials?

HDPE is a relatively inexpensive material, which, coupled with its easy machinability, makes it a cost-effective choice for large production runs.

5. How precise is HDPE machining?

With CNC machining, HDPE can be cut and shaped with high precision, allowing for the creation of parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances.

6. What are some common applications of HDPE machined parts?

HDPE is used in numerous industries such as industrial machinery, marine equipment, food processing, healthcare, and more. Common parts include gears, bearings, dock bumpers, food-grade cutting boards, and medical device components.

7. What machining processes can be used on HDPE?

Most common CNC machining processes, including milling, turning, and drilling, can be used on HDPE. It's an easy-to-machine material that provides a good surface finish.

8. Can HDPE be painted or colored?

HDPE does not hold paint well unless it's specially treated. However, it comes in a variety of colors, reducing the need for painting in many applications.

Why Choose RALLY?

As a leading precision parts manufacturer in China, RALLY specializes in crafting HDPE parts and components. Our vast expertise and advanced equipment enable us to deliver superior CNC-machined HDPE parts to various industries. Beyond just CNC milling and turning of HDPE materials, we offer comprehensive fabrication and assembly services, ensuring end-to-end delivery of finished HDPE parts.

At RALLY, we serve as your complete solution for all manufacturing needs across diverse materials and parts. Leveraging years of industry experience, we develop optimal solutions for your projects, focusing on superior quality and precision in every task we undertake.

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