For high-quality CNC machining at affordable prices, choose Rally. Our 3, 4, and 5 axis machining options are flexible enough to match your requirements.

CNC Machining Services China Manufacturer

CNC Machining Services

China machining service supplier

As a CNC machining China manufacturer, RALLY is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective machining solutions to our customers. Machining services are available for milling, turning, EDM and rapid prototyping.

Multi-axis machines

CNC machining machines are equipped with high precision 3-, 4- and 5-axis technology to deliver industry-leading accuracy for your unique project. skilled RALLY staff is on standby to provide you with a one-stop machining solution for any precision ingenuity. If you want CNC parts made from metal or plastic components, RALLY is a quality partner.



Multi-Axis Milling

Rally's multi-axis machining technology includes 20 sets of 3-axis CNC machining centers and 12 sets of 4-axis CNC machining centers. 3-axis machines can mill discs, sleeves, and plates, whereas 4-axis machining centers can rotate for multi-face machining.


5-Axis Milling

Vertical 5-axis machining centers at RALLY are fast and accurate.  Specifically, it has the capability to produce complicated shaped components to specifications needed by the aerospace sector. It may also be used to manufacture automobile sector molds.


CNC Turning

The CNC turning process is designed to provide you with high precision products that meet your exact specifications. rally offers a wide range of CNC turned products such as sleeves, shafts, washers, bolts and more to provide high quality OEM CNC turning services.



Rapid Prototyping

CNC machining for rapid prototyping to ensure product reliability. Low volume requirements allow us to produce complex structures accurately and quickly, maximizing your ideas. Our services provide real-time input during the design process to ensure quality and accuracy.


Rally's equipment list

Equipment for continuous investment

The CNC machines on RALLY's equipment list demonstrate our commitment to remaining at the forefront of the CNC machining market. These instruments enable CNC machining equipment to produce accurate parts. The effectiveness of this combination sets RALLY apart from other CNC machining service providers in the industry and allows it to offer its customers the highest quality products. In fact, RALLY has invested heavily in cutting-edge CNC equipment that has made it the industry leader in CNC machining in China.

1 Automatic Lathes 1525 0.02mm Taiwan 15
2 Automatic Lathes 2025 0.02mm Taiwan 5
3 Automatic Lathes 2015 0.02mm Taiwan 10
4 Automatic Lathes 1525 0.02mm China 5
5 Automatic Lathes 2025 0.02mm China 5
6 Automatic Lathes C117 0.02mm Taiwan 1
7 Automatic Lathes 1525 0.02mm Taiwan 2
8 CNC Lathes BO18 0.005mm Tsugami, Japan 1
9 CNC Lathes BNC42 0.005mm Miyano, Japan 3
10 CNC Lathes C-428T 0.01 Taiwan 3
11 CNC Lathes CY-32 0.01 China 10
12 CNC Lathes CD-36 0.01 China 20
13 Computerised Lathe Turret Machine CD-52 0.005mm China 4
14 CNC Lathes CD-46 0.01 China 10
15 CNC Lathes CD-36 0.01 China 10
16 CNC Machining Center T600 0.01 China 5
17 CNC Machining Center T856 0.01 China 3
18 CNC Machining Center TC-640 0.01 Taiwan 5
19 CNC Machining Center TC-400 0.01 Daewoo Korea 4
20 CNC Machining Center SH-400 0.01 Taiwan 1
21 CNC Machining Center TC-640 0.01 China 10
22 CNC Machining Center VMC850 0.01 China 3
23 CNC Machining Center TJ1270B 0.01 China 3
24 Vertical Machining Center QH40-CNC6500 0.01 Mitsubishi (Japan) 3
27 Table Lathes 15 Type 0.02 Taiwan 32
28 Table Lathes 20 Type 0.02 Taiwan 5
29 Table Lathes 32 Type 0.02 Taiwan 6
30 Tooth Rolling Machines TC-3T 0.02 Taiwan 7
31 Automatic Tapping Machines JT4508 0.02 Taiwan 4
32 Automatic Processing Machines CTL-PAR-3 0.01 Taiwan 3
33 Automatic Processing Machines CTL-PAR-5 0.01 Taiwan 2
34 Manual Tapping Machines 0.02 China 18
35 Centerless Grinding Machines 1040 0.005 China 1
36 Centerless Grinding Machines HFC-1026 0.003 Taiwan 1

CNC machining services for metal and plastic parts

Machined various materials

RALLY China CNC machining service provider offers the best in CNC machining services. Thanks to our cutting-edge CNC technology, we are able to meet machining requirements for orders large and small using a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel and plastic. Trust our reliable production procedures and robust delivery systems, and you can rest assured knowing that the CNC machined parts you order will be manufactured and delivered on time.

Alu. Machining

By using modern high-precision CNC machining centers with 3, 4, and 5 axes for aluminum machining, we are able to provide the highest quality aluminum parts. The choice of aluminum alloys ranges from 2024 aluminum to 7075 aluminum.

Copper Machining

With modern CNC equipment, we quickly and efficiently perform copper processing. This material is widely used in various industries due to its high corrosion resistance.

Brass Machining

CNC machining of brass is made easy at RALLY. Our 3, 4, and 5-axis machining facilities can handle all grades of brass, while our state-of-the-art CNC milling and turning centers provide precision manufacturing services.

cnc machining steel

Steel Machining

Using CNC machining, stainless steel has a shiny and polished appearance. In addition, commonly stainless steel grades such as SS304, SS316, and SS420 are precision cut and ground using cutting-edge technology.

cnc machining plastic

Plastic Machining

Plastic machining turns ABS, Nylon, POM, Teflon, Acetal, and PEEK into useful components. These plastic parts span from bearings, bushings, collars, and pulleys to sophisticated geometries for load-bearing applications.

What materials are available for CNC Machining?

Our materials span from brass, steel, and aluminum to thermosets and resins. Whatever materials you require for CNC machining, we've got you covered. Please review our sample list of materials to have an understanding of what we provide.

CNC machining China manufacturer: available material
AL2024 C37700 SS201 Q235 POM
AL5052 C36000 SS301 Q345B PEEK
AL6061 C35000 SS303 12L14 PVC
AL6063 C28000 SS304 45# Teflon
AL6082 C34000 SS316 1018 Nylon
AL7075 C27000 SS416 4140/4130 Delrin
More… More… More… More… More…
Clear anodized Nickel plating Polishing Zinc plating
Multicolor anodized Chrome plating Passivating Oxide black
Sand Blasting Electrophoresis Black Sandblasting Nickel plating
Powder Coating Oxide Black Laser engraving Chrome plating
Brushing Powder-coated Electrophoresis black Heat treatment
Chroming Polishing Oxide black Powder coating

Surface Finish

Metal surface processing can be divided into oxidation processing, painting processing, electroplating, surface polishing processing, corrosion processing, etc.


CNC machining China manufacturer: metal surface finishing

Send your 2D or 3D file, get started CNC machining project!

Our Advantages in CNC Machining

Rally has invested in state-of-the-art CNC technology, built a solid reputation in the industry, and each member of the Rally team provides comprehensive training that allows us to consistently and reliably meet or exceed our customers' expectations.

Advanced Equipment

Using the latest CNC Machines, including 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC milling, produces highly accurate, the sample in as fast as 3-5 days.

Rich Experience

With a professional team and over 15 years of industry experience, we can smoothly handle complex, precision parts for multiple industries.

Precision Tolerance

High precision tolerance ranging from +/-0.02mm, depending on the technical drawing.

Fast Turnaround

We return quotes within 24 hours on average, samples are shipped within 3-5 days, and we have an on-time delivery rate of over 90%.

Applications of CNC Machining

Machining in different fields

Medical devices, lighting, tooling, automotive and electronics are just a few of the many areas that can benefit from computer numerical control (CNC) machining, and there are many more. This precision cutting method ensures accuracy and precision, allowing manufacturers to effortlessly manufacture complex parts while producing little scrap.

CNC machining China manufacturer: Prototyping

One of the greatest techniques to develop concept models and functional prototypes to evaluate concepts, CNC prototyping helps designers to swiftly execute ideas. Using CNC milling, we can quickly generate prototypes with high precision in genuine materials.


Mold making

The precision of a mold may be ensured by using CNC machining, and this is why a machining center is essential. Surfaces with complex curves and shapes can be handled. Some operations on molds' functional components need to be machined.


CNC machining China manufacturer: automotive CNC machining

The car industry significantly relies on CNC machining, and the production of the required amount of vehicle components requires a massive fleet of CNC machines. Such are propulsion systems, electrical systems, transmissions, and control methods.


CNC machining China manufacturer: medical application

In order to function properly, medical devices require intricate and precise parts. Because of their expertise in precision machining, Rally is able to produce complicated and high-quality components for medical devices.


CNC machining China manufacturer: electronics application

Metal components in electronic products have an exceptionally high standard of precision and finish. Because of their lightweight, great durability, and effective heat dissipation, structural metal components are widely employed in the electronic industry.


CNC machining China manufacturer: consumer products
Consumer products

Machined components may be found in a wide variety of products, from cosmetic accessories (tattoo pens, eyebrow pens, etc.) to home appliances, computer casings, connections, and even housings and fittings.


What is CNC Machining

Rally CNC Machining Service: What Is CNC Machining

Definition of CNC machining

CNC machining is a method that is used to make components with very accurate dimensions and geometrical criteria. This method is efficient and can be performed at a low cost. Digital control is used in this type of computer-aided precision machining, which enables machine operators to pre-program processing instructions for the machine to follow.

CNC Machining Services In China

Rally is a China-based CNC Machining service provider that gives its customers methods that are dependable and extremely exact. The use of computer numerical control (CNC) machining offers a number of benefits, including a rapid processing speed and excellent surfaces that may be treated in a variety of ways, such as by plating, painting, or silkscreening. Products that are constructed using engineering materials that have a high density are renowned for their sturdiness, durability, and superior quality.

How does machining work?

At Rally, we have developed expertise in CNC machining and make use of 3-5 axis CNC machines in addition to milling machines in order to manufacture complicated components. The procedure starts with the creation of a 3D file by the designers using the CAD program.

Programming and Manufacturing

The milling machine's software is then configured after it has been uploaded into the machine, and then hydraulic clamps are used to bind the machine to a block of material. Both the tool and the workpiece are moved in a precise manner in accordance with the instructions provided by the G-code in order to cut any layer of material that the user specifies up until the component is complete.

China CNC Machining Service: How does CNC Machining
China CNC Machining Service: Advantages Of CNC Machining

Advantages of CNC machining

CNC machining offers a number of advantages when it comes to producing parts quickly and accurately in high volume. With its high precision capabilities, CNC machining can produce parts with intricate designs and close tolerances that would be impossible to achieve using traditional methods.

Unlimited number

Additionally, CNC machining has no limitation in terms of the number of parts that can be produced due to the fact that machines can be programmed automatically, allowing for an unlimited quantity production. These features enable manufacturers to produce assemblies with efficiency at a low cost, making CNC machining a great solution for any company looking to streamline production and enhance quality of their products.

Machining Parts Gallery

Rally is a CNC machining China company that provides high quality OEM parts. A team of experts delivers precisely machined parts and prototypes on demand, with exceptional precision and complete customer satisfaction.

Learn more about our other capabilities

The following are only some of the production processes that we are capable of: CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, Die casting, metal forging, stamping, plastic injection molding, metal fabrication, surface finishing, rapid prototyping, etc.


injection molding

Injection Molding

metal finish

Surface Finishing

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Die Casting

Die Casting

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