CNC Plastic machining service

CNC Plastic Machining Services

What is CNC plastic machining?

CNC plastic machining is a plastic parts manufacturing process by using modern computer-controlled machines. It is widely used for prototyping for functional testing and other plastic material parts are also produced using this technology. Some of the major machining operations perform during CNC plastic machining are as below:


Cutting is employed by the manufacturer to cut the plastic material to create a shape and get the desired size of the plastic. This method generates heat that can damage plastic, so this technique requires a professional operator.


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CNC turning is a process where the workpiece is mounted on a spindle and then rotated and fed to various tools to gain a certain shape in plastic materials. CNC turning in plastic can carve features such as grooves, bevels, rings, threading, etc.


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In CNC milling, the cutting tools rotate to remove the chips from the plastic from the stationary workpiece. There are different milling techniques for plastic techniques among the down-milling is considered best for plastic.


Drilling is used to creating small and large-diameter holes in plastic materials without damaging the structure. This process also requires a skilled operator because it is risky and produces heat during operation.


Grinding is used for surface finishing and smoother plastic products shape. This process is similar to the milling process. The milling process uses intermittent cuts while the grinding continuously cuts the plastic.

Common materials used in plastic machining

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CNC machining service provider uses so many plastic materials for parts manufacturing for different industries depending upon the applications. Let’s have a look at some of the plastic materials commonly used in plastic machining.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a high-strength and tough material. It is also easy to machine and has good heat resistance with well-finishing capabilities. ABS is used in LEGO toys and prototyping.


Acrylic is mostly used for the application that requires a transparent object. It is inexpensive and can easily be glued. It is scratch-resistant but requires secondary polishing after machining.


This material is a good heat and chemical resistant and maintains its rigidity in different climates. It has good machinability but it poses challenges when tight tolerances are needed.


Delrin is considered one of the most economic plastic because of its excellent machinability and low cost. It has a slippery surface which reduces friction. Delrin is hard to glue and requires secondary finishing.

High-Quality plastic machining services

CNC plastic machining

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We provide CNC plastic machining services with sheer precision for your various plastic parts. We are specialized in producing plastic machined parts that fit into your applications just right. Our state-of-the-art CNC machining services can create complex structures with utmost accuracy and fine details with a number of different CNC machining techniques. Our extremely skilled and experienced professionals have worked with clients across the globe and delivered them high-performance plastic products. Rally Precision can handle custom orders to high volume orders while maintaining the best quality and quick turnaround. Our technological machines can carry out different machining techniques such as milling, turning, drilling, grinding, cutting, welding, sanding, forming, tooling, etc.

Plastic injection molding

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Plastic injection molding is the process of injection molten plastic into a mold and then cooling it to turn it into solid-state to get the molded product. This method is used for the mass production of plastic products with complex structures. A wide range of products is manufactured using the plastic injection molding method, which can vary in size, complexity to machine, and applications. One of the widely created products through injection molding is plastic housing, because of injection molding's ability to create thin-walled plastic parts.

Rally Precision offers plastic injection molding services for applications that are used in a wide variety of industries. We are experienced in manufacturing high-quality injection molded parts with technological equipment.

Applications of CNC plastic machining

CNC plastic machining is employed for a variety of applications in different industries. Plastic capability to mold easily and take the shape without any additional work makes it the best option for CNC machining and industry to use plastic for their applications. Let's have a look at some of the applications of CNC plastic machining

Medical devices: Plastic machining is an excellent choice for medical components and equipment due to its capability to provide precision and create identical and intricates parts. Many surgical implants, sterilization trays, endoscopic probes, and cardiac implants are created by plastic CNC machining.

Automotive: The use of plastic CNC machining for automotive parts has increased due to various high-performance plastics. From the exterior of the car to the chassis many parts of automotive are created by plastic. Conditioner vent, switches, gauges, dial, and many other parts are created through plastic CNC machining.

Aerospace: The aerospace industry allows no chance for any error, this is why plastic CNC machining is used to get the precise machine parts such as rudders, fuselages, ventilation ducts and so many other parts.

Electronic Industry: There is a limitless application in the electronic industry that uses plastic CNC machining. Switches, boards, electrical insulation materials, mobile phones, and many electronic parts are produce by plastic through CNC machining.

Advantages of CNC plastic machining

CNC plastic machining has increased exponentially to its ability to provide precise and ultra-accurate plastic parts used in different industries. Let's have a look at some of the most highlighted advantages of CNC plastic machining.

Fast Prototype Turnaround: If you need a precise prototype quickly to test your product and ensure its reliability and durability then plastic CNC machining is your go-to option. It delivers faster prototypes with a short lead time.

Economical: The plastic CNC machining process is cheaper than most of the other CNC machining. Plastic CNC doesn’t require molds which is costly and takes lots of resources. Also, the overall cost incurred in plastic CNC machining is less than in other machining.

Resistant to Corrosion and Chemicals: Plastic CNC machines parts have this advantage over other metal material that they are resistant to corrosion and other harmful chemicals that reduces the life of the part.

Tight Tolerance: Plastic CNC machining is the best option if your parts require high tolerance measurements. This type of part is used in high-precision industries like aerospace making CNC plastic machining a crucial CNC machining technique.

Looking for a reliable plastic machining company?

  • Our Plastic machining capabilities
  • Machining operations ( turning, milling, drilling, boring)
  • Plastic forms ( sheets, rods, specialty shapes)
  • Plastic materials ( Delrin, ABS, Nylon, PC, PP, PVC, Peek, Telfon,PTFE, etc.)

We offer plastic machining services for all kinds of plastic material with modern equipment and techniques that ensure quick production with utmost reliability and precision. Our system is compliant with software that inspects and delivers a report with traceability of all material used in the production of your parts.

Rally Precision offers multiple machining operations required by your unique parts production to obtain the specific structure and shape. Each process is operated by professional operators and has its own kind of machine to deliver the best possible results. For instance, CNC turning for turning the object and for spherical objects and boring for creating holes in plastic material. In addition to that, we also offer CNC milling, drilling, threading, 3 - 5 axis CNC machining, and many other machining techniques for plastic machining.

We at Rally Precision specialized in working with different forms of plastic to turn them into functional parts to use in different environments and scenarios. We also provide you option for multiple plastics materials to choose for your parts production with our state-of-the-art machining technology. Delrin, ABS, Nylon, PC, PP, PVC, Peek, Teflon, and PTFE are some of the plastic materials that we offer to machines with our top-notch machining technology to deliver you the finest quality plastic machined parts.

Plastic Machining solutions from Rally Precision Company

As a regular plastic CNC machines parts manufacturer and services provider for many aerospace, automotive, electronics, and marine applications, we understand the importance of high precision and fine detailing of your plastic parts. As a leading plastic CNC machining service provider, Rally Precision provides unlimited plastic machining capabilities for your wide variety of parts. Our high technological CNC machines get extremely complex machined plastic parts with tight tolerance and necessary specifications. Rally Precision takes pride in offering plastic CNC machining services that offer competitive prices with a quick and turnaround with on-time delivery.

We don’t believe in minimum order quantity (MOQ) and welcome orders of any size and quantity. From prototyping to large batch manufacturing, you can count on us. Contact us to get the best plastic CNC machining service and 24/7 technical support to get your project started.

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