Difference between CNC Milling and CNC Turning

Difference Between CNC Milling And CNC Turning

Computer Numerical Controlled or CNC technology has revolutionized many industries and providing efficient solution parts for different machined parts. It provides high accuracy and precision for complex parts which is difficult to achieve with manual processes. There are so many machines and techniques in CNC machines but the most popular and widely used machines are CNC turning and CNC milling. While both sounds similar in many things there are particular differences that made them specifically for different applications.

Rally Precision is one of the leading CNC turning and CNC milling services providers from China. With a number of advanced CNC machines and technology, we have a streamlined system that provides CNC turned and milled parts to several clients across the work associated with different industries.

As you order any CNC turning and CNC milling parts from China, there are certain things that you should consider and know. This article will give you a brief idea about the operation of both machines and how to find out the best supplier from China.

What is CNC milling?

Figure : CNC Milling operation

CNC milling is an advanced technological machining process that is used to produce custom parts by removing material from the parts employing multi-point cutting tools controlled by a computer. CNC machines can move in three different dimensions freely, the X, Y, and Z axes while the workpiece remains stationary at its position. It is considered suitable for prototyping and small volume production. CNC milling machines are used for their high precision, accuracy, and short production time capabilities in multiple industries. Operating a CNC milling machine requires a lot of technical knowledge and skills.

What is CNC turning?

Figure : CNC Turning operation

CNC turning is a widely used process in CNC machining. This process holds materials in a chuck and rotates them while feeding to a stationary tool to remove the material from the workpiece to get the desired shape. As this process involves removing material, it is known as the subtraction method. CNC turning machines are used for cylindrical and oblong shapes. Because of its ability to create multiple features at the same time from a single stock piece, it is chosen over CNC mill. Its operation speed is ideal for large production runs with a short lead time.

Advantages and features of CNC milling

CNC milling has so many advantages over other machining techniques of CNC. It is a widely used method for different industrial applications. CNC milling is a cost-effective method along with accurate and efficient results. A few of these advantages and features are mentioned below:

  • Most of the materials can be machined using CNC mills
  • CNC milling can produce exemplary results and intricate parts
  • It has the capabilities to work on low to high weight materials with effective results
  • Complex geometrical parts can be machined through CNC milling because of its multiple axis performance features

Rally Precision provide fine detailed and durable CNC milled parts that can be suitable for multiple application for a wide range of industries.

Advantages and features of CNC turning

CNC turning is a process that actually uses rotation motion to remove material to create the desired shape. It is used by many industries for a wide variety of applications. Below highlighted are few most prominent advantages of CNC turning

  • CNC turning is the efficient solution for creating machined parts with a short lead time
  • It allows you to select different choose different customization by using different types of CNC machines
  • CNC turning is widely used for fine details on extremely complex materials

Rally Precision offers CNC turning parts for multiple applications in different industries with a short lead time and timely delivery.

Motion path of the cutting tool in CNC milling and CNC turning

CNC milling and CNC turning both are widely used CNC machines in different industries for vast applications. These machines use different motion paths to remove the material from the workpiece. CNC milling creates holes, slots, threads, and other impressions by its cylindrical rotating cutters that can move along in multiple axes. Most of the CNC milling machines can move into three to five axes to carry out operations. These machines can be assembled horizontally and vertically.

In CNC turning the motion of the cutting tool is decided by several parameters. These parameters are workpiece material, tools material, size, and more depending upon the operations. Generally, the cutting tool moves axially along the workpiece to remove the material and form a particular shape.


The workpiece in CNC milling machines is stationary. This clamped workpiece remains in the same position throughout the process and the rotatory cutting tool moves around it at a different angle to remove the material from the workpiece and get the desired shape.

In CNC turning the workpiece is rotating while the cutting tool keeps its position stationary. It holds the bar in a chuck and rotates it and feeds it to the tool to remove the material from the bar and give it the needed shape.

Machines Used to perform CNC milling operation

There are many machines used for milling operations, but the most used machines for the milling process are a rotary table, planetary milling machines, and drum milling. These all three have different operations such as rotary milling machines employs circular worktables which rotates around the vertical axis. Planetary milling machines have stationary worktables and the workpiece is cylindrical, the rotating tool moves across the workpiece for internal and external features. The drum is the same as the rotary table except for the worktable which is called drum moves around a horizontal axis.

Machines Used to perform CNC turning operation

Same as milling the CNC turning also have different types of machines. These machines offer a wide variety in their operations. Some of these machines are bench lathe, engine lathe, and toolroom lathe machines. The bench lathe machines are general lathe machining used by hobbyist but still requires skillful machinist. The engine lathe machine is the most common type of CNC turning machine used by a variety of industries due to its efficiency, capability, and lower cost. It is used in high-speed CNC machining tasks. The toolroom turning machine is the same as the engine lathe machine but with high-end machining capabilities.


CNC milling

CNC milling applications have grown extensively over the last decade. Today, there are so many industries that rely on CNC milling machined parts. This computerized control machining process has not only standardized and advanced the established manufacturing process but also opened new avenues and opportunities for innovation and help industries grow exponentially. CNC milling process has its name in different industries for tolerance and high accuracy capabilities in small and medium volume manufacturing. CNC mills are employed to fabricate extremely intricate shapes on complex parts. These small and precisely machined parts can be used for ships to aircraft. The aerospace industry has standardized this process for their component manufacturing because of its customized motion control and meticulous capabilities to produce parts. Other than aerospace different industries use this method for the production of the following parts.

  • Engine Block cylinders
  • Flywheels & Dashboards
  • Switches and Panels
  • Gearbox Cases
  • Transmission Housings
  • Medical implants
  • Orthotics Devices
  • Body Armour

CNC turning

CNC turning has a wide number of applications in different industries. Spending money on the machine that delivers the finest outcomes in a short period of time is worth it. CNC turning can be used to machine steel, copper alloy, titanium, aluminum, and different plastic grades. CNC turning efficiency to create delicate finishing and machining capabilities increases product demand in aerospace, electronics, firearms, automotive, sporting and construction industries. Three-dimensional complex structure materials that are hard to machine from different machines are usually machined from CNC turning. It is also used to create plan surfaces and screw threads. Because of CNC turning high-end precision, spindle speed, and capability to hold devices in one place it is used for prototyping to large batch manufacturing. Below mentioned are some of the parts created through CNC turning:

  • Camshafts
  • Cue sticks
  • Bowls
  • Musical instruments
  • Automotive parts
  • Gun Barrels
  • Musical Instruments
  • Dining room tables

Tool Selection

Tool selection in CNC milling and CNC turning depends upon the nature of production, machine type, size and hardness of the material, and surface quality of the material. Here are some of the tools used by CNC milling and CNC turning.

  • CNC milling

Multi-point: This method uses multi-point cutting tools that can be more than two or even a hundred. This type of cutting tool makes the milling machines more productive and efficient. These multiple cutting tools engage and disengage with the workpiece to remove the material from the material and get the desired shape. These multiple cutting edges improve the feed rate with utmost accuracy.

  • CNC turning

Single-Point: CNC turning uses a single-point cutting tool that remains in constant contact with the workpiece. Heat generation is high because of the single cutting tool and constant contact with the workpiece which sometimes leads to the breaking of the cutting tool. These breakages cause the process to stop until it is replaced which makes this process a little more time taking than CNC milling.

How to find a CNC machining expert in China?

Finding a CNC machining expert from China can be a time-consuming process because of the widely spread market of CNC machining service providers in China. But we will discuss some important points that will make this process easy for you. Here are some important factors that you should consider in order to find the best CNC machining service provider from China.

Timeline: Time is the single most important factor in every business and it can not be compromised at any cost. Order small volume manufacturing orders and find out if the supplier delivers your parts timely that will determine supplier efficiency for future deals.

Technology: A supplier with the latest technological equipment and CNC turning and milling machines can provide you with accurate and precise CNC machined parts. This supplier can also have the best team to operate these machines effectively.

If you are looking for an expert CNC machining service provider then you have come to the right place. Rally Precision follows strict guidelines to make sure our client gets the finest product and after-sale services. When you choose us, we assure you receive the precise and accurate parts that will exceed your expectations.

Do Rally precision offer CNC milling and CNC turning services?

Yes, we offer CNC milling and CNC turning machining services with high accuracy and precision machined parts that fit in your application as you needed. Rally Precision is a top-notch supplier of CNC milling and CNC turning services from China. We have more than 30 years of industry experience in providing multiple CNC machining services to our widespread clients across the globe. We offer custom CNC machining services from prototyping to large batch manufacturing without any minimum order quantity obligation. Our clients in different industries such as aerospace, medical, construction, automotive, etc worked with us regular basis for different custom CNC machined parts to accommodate their variety of project requirements.

Why you should select Rally Precision for CNC machining services?

Rally Precision owns state-of-the-art machining technologies with extremely experienced engineers. Our CNC milling and CNC turning machines are ideal to cater to your production needs with the exact specification and high accuracy for intricately complex parts. Let’s have a look at why we should be your first priority for CNC machining services

30 Years in Industry

Having worked for 30 years in the machining industry and worked on multiple CNC milling and CNC turning project, our engineers can handle vast types of projects for different applications with their rich experience.

Competitive Price

We keep our prices low and fair to make sure you get the best and competitive price from us. Our advanced machining capabilities lesser error and reduces the

Massive machining Capacity

Our multiple in-house machines have the capability to carry out different specification projects and deliver within a timeline with rapid manufacturing.

Extreme QC Process

Our quality check process is systemized to check raw material very finely for any impurities and make sure your parts are created from the finest raw material to ensure durability and sustainability.


This article briefly discusses the difference between CNC milling and CNC turning. It also discusses both machining techniques capabilities, tooling, material selection, advantages, and application in different industries. While they both are the type of CNC machines they provide different kinds of features and benefits but they can also complement each other in many applications. After reading this article you are now able to understand the functionalities and technicalities of both machining types and now you can choose the best supplier from China for your CNC turning and milling project.

If you are looking for a supplier with extraordinary machining capabilities with advanced equipment and tooling system, your first priority should be Rally Precision. Our expert engineering team are experienced in CNC turning and CNC milling machining services and they have worked on different CNC machined part for a number of industries.

Contact RALLY for a free quote for your project.

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