Rallye offers precision machined aluminum parts with high dimensional tolerances for products used in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

Machined Aluminum Parts

Custom Machined Aluminum parts

Providing machined aluminum parts for a variety of industries, our custom precision CNC machining services meet and exceed the needs of all customers. With attention to detail and expertise in machined aluminum components, Rally have the tools and knowledge to process large batches quickly and accurately.

From aerospace, automotive, communications and engineering applications, machined aluminum parts provide reliable strength and durability while maintaining lightweight design and enhanced functionality. With our state-of-the-art equipment and decades of machining experience, machined aluminum parts will be machined quickly, accurately and economically. For high-quality machined aluminum parts, look no further than our custom precision CNC machining services!


Gallery of Aluminum machined parts

Our machined aluminum parts are precision designed with custom machined parts based on 2D/3D drawings, making them perfect for a variety of industrial applications. When you need the high-quality machined aluminum part, Rally's aluminum CNC machining services are the ideal choice.

Machined Aluminum Parts Red anodizing aluminum housing

anodizing aluminum housing

Blue anodizing aluminum base

Blue anodizing aluminum base

Machined Aluminum Parts Aluminum electronic enclosure

Precision Aluminum enclosure

Machining Aluminum Camera case

Machined Aluminum Camera case

Machined Aluminum Parts Aluminum Load Body

CNC Aluminum Load Body

aluminum 6061 connector seat

6061 aluminum connector seat

Machined Aluminum Parts Aluminum 6061 quick release plate

Alu.6061-T6 quick release plate

CNC Milling Aluminum 6061 Elbow

CNC Aluminum 6061 Elbow

Aluminum CNC Milling Mounting Frame

Precision Aluminum Mounting Frame

Machined Aluminum Parts Aluminum 6061 camer lock finger grip

Aluminum camer lock finger grip

Machined Aluminum Parts Aluminum clamping insert with black anodizing

Milling Aluminum clamping insert

Machined Aluminum Parts Aluminum Mower Spindle

Aluminum Mower Spindle

Aluminum Grade For CNC Machining

When it comes to machining, picking the right grade of aluminum is crucial. It's important to choose a type of aluminum that can withstand the pressures of your particular manufacturing process and deliver the desired results time after time. Various grades provide different levels of hardness, strength, formability, and weldability—all extremely important when machining aluminum parts for any project.

Aluminum 2024

The 2024 aluminum alloy is a high-strength hard aluminum alloy with a high hardness and outstanding wear resistance. It is primarily utilized in the manufacture of different high-load parts and components, and it may be heat treated and reinforced.

Aluminum 5052

5052 aluminum has good forming and processing properties, as well as corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength, and can be used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, ship sheet metal parts, street light brackets, electrical housings, etc.

Aluminum 6061

Aluminum 6061 is the grade of aluminum most often used in CNC machining. It has very good machining quality, corrosion resistance, high toughness, no deformation after machining, and good anodizing.

Aluminum 6063

Aluminum 6063 has strong mechanical properties, can be heat treated, can be formed into complex shapes, and has a very smooth surface that is ideal for anodizing. It is used in architectural decorative profiles and pipes, such as aluminum housings and aluminum radiators.


Aluminum 6082

Aluminum 6082 is an aluminum alloy sheet that can be strengthened by heat treatment, with medium strength and good welding performance, and corrosion resistance, mainly used in the transportation and structural engineering industry. 

Aluminum 7075

7075 aluminum is extensively used in high-stress technical applications such as aviation and automobile components, as well as sports equipment. 7075 aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it appropriate for a wide range of applications.


Surface Finish of Machined Aluminum Parts

The ability to achieve a precise surface quality on machined aluminum components is frequently vital to the success of any mechanical system or application. It has an impact on the visual look, durability, and protective features of machined items, as well as their cost-effectiveness.

As-machined aluminum parts

Machined finishes are surface treatments applied to aluminum alloys by grinding and polishing, which are methods of abrasion. This grinding process removes the surface layer of the metal to create the desired texture.


Sandblasted machined aluminum parts
Sand blasting

Sandblasting gives the machined item a uniform matte or satin finish, which eliminates signs of machining and gives a smoother surface. It works by blasting the part with small glass beads using a pressurized air gun.


Color Anodizing machined aluminum parts

Anodizing is a direct electrochemical technique that results in the formation of a protective layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal, which has good insulating, aesthetic and wear resistance properties.


Nickel Plated Machined Aluminum Parts

After plating various metals on the surface of aluminum products, the physical or chemical properties of the surface can be obviously improved. Common types of aluminum plating are nickel plating, silver plating, zinc plating, chrome plating, etc.


Powder coated machined aluminum parts
Powder Coating

Powder coating is the application of paint that is devoid of solvents. The mixture is applied to the metal with a spray cannon to create a smooth covering. Matte or glossy coatings mimic the ornamental look of paint while being more durable.


Brushing Machined Aluminum Part
Metal Brushing

Metal brushing is the process of constantly scraping lines with sandpaper in the machined areas of the surface of the metal part to be treated. This process shows every trace of the fine lines, giving the metal a shine.


Machined Aluminum Applications

Wide range of applications

Machined aluminum components are incredibly flexible and may be used in a wide range of industries. Because of their unusual mix of strength and light weight, they are especially popular in the automobile, aerospace, industrial equipment and machinery, and consumer and computer electronics industries. Machined aluminum applications are also cost-effective due to simple machining methods and shorter lead times.

Aerospace Industry

Machined aluminum for lightweight, high-strength aircraft components.

Electronics Manufacturing

Aluminum casings for optimal heat dissipation and electrical conductivity.

Automotive Sector

Fuel-efficient, corrosion-resistant aluminum parts for vehicle performance.

Robotics Applications

Precision-machined aluminum joints for enhanced durability and movement.

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The Benefits of Rapid Custom Machined Parts

High-end precision machining parts require state-of-the-art machinery to ensure accuracy and quality. As a professional China CNC Precision Machining Manufacturer, we offer the perfect solutions for such projects. We customize CNC Machining Parts according to your drawings and samples. Our expertise coupled with modernized manufacturing capabilities and experience allows us to produce solutions that are unparalleled in accuracy and reliability.

custom machining parts

Accuracy and Precision

CNC machining allows for incredibly precise measurements, often to within 0.0005 inches or less. This level of accuracy is especially important in high-precision industries such as medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and robotics industry.

Cost Savings

Rapid custom CNC machining has a number of cost-saving benefits compared to traditional methods of production. By using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software, engineering teams can design faster, reduce errors, and save time spent on manual drafting processes. 


One of the main advantages of rapid custom CNC machining is its flexibility; these machines are capable of producing complex shapes from virtually any material you need - including metals like steel, aluminum and brass, and plastics like polycarbonate or nylon.


Rapid custom CNC machined parts offer numerous advantages over traditionally manufactured parts due to their ability to produce accurate measurements quickly and cost-effectively while still offering flexibility in terms of material selection and complexity levels attainable within each individual piece produced. Businesses who utilize rapid custom CNC machining benefit from both improved efficiency levels as well as reduced costs associated with production times—making these machines an invaluable asset for any industry that relies on precision components for its products or services.

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