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RALLY Provide Nylon Machining Service

RALLY is a trusted provider of specialty nylon machining services, dedicated to providing precision engineered parts that meet your needs. With our state-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) machinery and team of skilled machinists, we transform this versatile material into high-quality parts with accuracy and efficiency.

Understanding the unique properties of nylon, such as its wear resistance, excellent machinability and high tensile strength, our team of experts ensures precise execution of your design specifications. Whether for the automotive, aerospace, medical or electronics industries, Rally offers solutions that are both versatile and customizable.

In addition to machining, our commitment to quality control and adherence to industry standards means that every part we produce meets the highest standards of reliability and performance.

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Our Nylon Machining Services

At Rally, we specialize in providing top-tier nylon machining services, encompassing an array of processes such as milling, turning, and drilling. Utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machines, we ensure accuracy and repeatability, delivering precision-engineered parts tailored to your exact specifications.

Custom Metal Parts
CNC Milling

This process uses rotary cutters to remove material from the PEEK workpiece. It can create a wide range of shapes and is often done on a CNC machine for precision and consistency.

CNC turning stainless steel machining service
CNC Turning

In this process, PEEK material is rotated while a single-point cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of rotation. Turning can be performed manually, but it's usually done using a lathe or CNC machine.

CNC drilling stainless steel machining service
CNC Drilling

Drilling creates holes in the PEEK material. The process can be performed with a variety of machine tools, including drill presses and CNC machines.

We understand the unique properties of nylon and use this knowledge to achieve optimal results. Our expertise extends from producing simple parts to creating intricate assemblies, maintaining precision and quality throughout. Whether it's a unique, one-off piece or a high-volume production run, we can cater to your needs efficiently and effectively.

Moreover, our commitment to quality is uncompromising. We adhere to stringent quality control measures at every stage of the process, ensuring that every component we produce is of the highest standard. At Rally, our nylon machining services are about more than just manufacturing. They're about providing solutions that help drive your business forward. With our advanced equipment, experienced team, and unwavering dedication to quality, we're ready to help you bring your ideas to life.

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Advantages of Nylon Material

Nylon is a highly favored material in precision manufacturing due to its impressive characteristics. As a type of polyamide, it is well-regarded for its excellent wear resistance. It can withstand friction and physical wear, making it an ideal choice for moving parts and in environments with constant mechanical contact.

Nylon also boasts superior machinability. It can be easily shaped and cut into precision parts, contributing to efficient production processes. Additionally, its high tensile strength gives it the ability to endure significant stress without deformation or breakage, adding to its durability and reliability.

Furthermore, nylon exhibits good elasticity, providing a degree of flexibility while maintaining its shape. Its high melting point and chemical resistance make it suitable for applications in harsh conditions, providing resilience against various elements.

Lastly, nylon's light weight compared to metals is a major advantage in industries like automotive and aerospace, where reducing weight can lead to increased performance and fuel efficiency. Its overall balance of strength, flexibility, and light weight truly sets nylon apart as a preferred material in machining.

Recent Projects We Finished

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PMMA CNC Plastic machining part

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PET CNC Plastic machining part

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Peek CNC Plastic machining part

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PP CNC Plastic machining part

White PET CNC Plastic Parts

White PET CNC Plastic Parts

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Industries We Serve

Rally is proud to serve a diverse range of industries with our precision nylon machining services. Our understanding of the material and its potential applications enables us to cater to varying requirements across different sectors.

Aerospace Industry - Precision Machining Services
Aerospace Industry

We produce durable nylon parts that can withstand extreme environmental conditions and contribute to aircraft safety and fuel efficiency.

Electronics Industry - Precision Machining Services
Electronics Industry

Provide insulating components, connectors and cable ties that are critical to the function and reliability of various electronic devices and systems.

Medical Electronics Industry - Precision Machining Services
Medical Industry

Provides precision nylon components for medical and surgical equipment, adhering to the most stringent quality and regulatory standards.

Food Processing Industry
Food Processing Industry

PEEK is also used for parts in food and beverage processing machinery due to its ability to withstand repeated cleaning and sterilization cycles.

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Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Nylon machining:

Nylon machining is the process of using machine tools to shape nylon, a versatile polyamide, into precise components. It's employed across industries, leveraging nylon's wear resistance, machinability, and high tensile strength to produce parts that can withstand various operating conditions.

Nylon parts are widely used in many industries, including automotive (for gears and bushings), aerospace (lightweight parts), electronics (insulating parts), and medical (surgical tools and equipment), thanks to its versatility, durability, and reliability.

Most traditional machining processes, including milling, drilling, and turning, are suitable for nylon. CNC machines are often used for their precision and repeatability, particularly in producing complex geometries.

Nylon is generally easier to machine than many metals. It generates less heat during machining, although care must be taken due to its lower melting point. Also, nylon doesn't require the same level of lubrication as metals, and it's more lightweight and flexible.

Depending on its intended application, nylon might benefit from post-machining treatments like annealing to reduce stress caused during machining. However, for many applications, nylon parts can be used as-machined.

Nylon offers several benefits including high strength, wear resistance, and good machinability. It's lightweight and can withstand harsh conditions, making it suitable for various applications across many industries.

Yes, most machining service providers, including Rally, can handle both low and high-volume production runs thanks to the scalability of CNC machining processes.

Other Plastic Materials We Work With

At RALLY, our expertise isn't limited to Nylon. We offer a comprehensive suite of plastic machining services, utilizing materials like ABS, Acrylic, PTFE, and Polycarbonate. With our advanced technology and skilled technicians, we can realize your projects with precision and quality, regardless of the plastic type.

Acetal (Delrin) machining

Delrin machining

peek Machining

PEEK machining

PTFE machining

PTFE machining

ABS machining

ABS machining

Acrylic Machining

Acrylic Machining

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