• Part name: brass bushing
  • Material:  brass C36000
  • Size: Customized
  • Surface Finish: as-machined
  • Tolerance: +/- 0.01mm
  • Method: Turning, Drilling

Product Details

Professional OEM manufacturer of custom plastic injection parts, plastic injection molding services, high strength custom injection molds for home appliances, electronics, cosmetics, automotive, medical and other fields.

Product Advantages

  • 100% eco-friendly materials
  • 10 years of injection molding experience
  • Strong QC team, prototypes available
  • OEM & ODM service
  • One-stop service

Key points

  • Professional OME Manufacturer
  • Mold Manufacturer
  • Strong Engineering Design Team
  • High-Quality Injection Molds
  • Plastic Products Assembly

Product Categories

  • Electronic plastic enclosure
  • Household appliances Plastic shells
  • Cosmetic packaging containers
  • Medical equipment plastic parts
  • Automotive plastic parts
Normal Plastic Material PP, ABS, PE, PS, Acrylic, POM, PMMA
Enginnering Plastic Material PA, PA66, ABS+PC, PA+30%GF, PC, ABS, POM, TPU
High Enginnering Plastic Material PEEK, PPS, PPO, PES, PLA, Antistatic Plastic, etc.
Process Methods Injection Molding, CNC Machining
Mold Material S45C, S50C, P20, 718H, 738H, NAK80, S136, S136H
Mold Life Time 300K -500K shots
Plastic Surface Finish Smooth, Glossy, Texture, Matte, Polishing, Silk printing, Painting, etc..
Product Size According to customers' drawing or sample.
Product Color Nature, Color, as per customer's requirement
Drawing Format IGES, STEP, AutoCAD, STL, DWG, PDF, etc.
Mold Building Lead Time 20-35 days
Sample Time 3 days
Bulk Order Lead time 20-30 days
Mould Precision ±0.01mm
One-Stop Serivce Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Delivery.
Frequently Asked Questions

Your Queries My Solutions!

CNC machining, stamping, injection molding, die casting, and assembly.

Detailed drawings (PDF/STEP/IGS/DWG), including material, quantity, and surface finish information.

Sure, you can provide us with samples,our engineering department can design 3D drawings for an accurate quote.

No, we take great care to protect the privacy of our customers' drawings and it is possible to sign an NDA if required.

Of course, you need to pay the sample fee, and the sample fee will be deducted from the invoice after confirming the order.

This depends entirely on the size and complexity of the product. Usually, the delivery time is 20-35 days.

  1.  Material inspection - check the surface and approximate dimensions of the material.
  2. Production first piece inspection - to ensure critical dimensions for mass production.
  3. Sampling inspection - checking the quality before shipping to the warehouse.
  4. Pre-shipment inspection - 100% inspection by QC before shipment.


Please send us the pictures and our engineers will find a solution and recreate it for you as soon as possible.

  1. FedEx/UPS/DHL, door-to-door service, about 4-7 days. Door-to-door service includes all taxes, no extra charge.
  2. Air express, goods to the airport, about 10 days, customer clearance.
  3. Sea freight, goods to the destination port, about 20-35 days, customs clearance by the customer.

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    Plastic Injection Molded Parts Manufacturer

    Injection molded parts:

    • are obtained with high precision and excellent quality;
    • can be of any shape, no matter how complex;
    • in most cases, do not require additional machining;
    • come at a relatively low cost when produced in large quantities.

    The thermally molded plastic allows us to quickly produce the desired products by injecting softened raw materials under pressure into special forms.

    We have offer competitive prices for parts from China

    The availability and cost-effectiveness of manufacturing molding components increases their demand among customers. We guarantee the quality of finished products, which largely depends on the design of the developed mold. Our specialists perform all of the necessary preparatory and basic work at a high professional level.

    A price list can be found on the site

    Plastic components are used in various types of household appliances, as well as in the manufacturing of parts and equipment for the medical, automotive, industrial, and other industries. RallyPrecision delivers quality products with modern equipment that is only operated by professionals. This professional CNC manufacturer provides one-stop manufacturing and processing services for various kinds of plastic parts and molds.

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