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Categorization by Production Process

The production process classification encompasses a variety of techniques used to shape raw materials into finished goods. Milling, Turning, and Machining Parts involve subtractive processes to create precision components. Sheet Metal Fabrication shapes metal sheets into durable parts, while Laser Cutting offers high-precision cutting for intricate designs. Metal Casting and Plastic Injection molding allow for the mass production of complex shapes, ensuring efficiency and versatility in manufacturing diverse products.

3 axis CNC Milling machining
Milling Parts

Precision-engineered components crafted through milling for intricate designs in metals and plastics.

cnc turning center
Turning Parts

Rotational machining process produces cylindrical parts with exceptional precision and surface finish.

Machined Parts Manufacturer | Precision CNC Machining
Machining Parts

Customized components manufactured using advanced machining techniques for high precision and complexity.

Rapid prototyping Sheet Metal
Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts

Parts formed from sheet metal through cutting, bending, and assembling for diverse applications.

custom aluminum enclosure laser cutting
Laser Cutting Parts

High-precision components cut with laser technology for clean, exact edges in metal and plastic.

Metal Casting
Metal Casting Parts

Durable metal components shaped in molds through casting, suitable for complex shapes.

Injection Molding Plastic
Plastic Injection Parts

High-volume, intricate plastic components molded with precision for various industries.

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Product Categorization by Material

Material classification highlights the significance of selecting the right substrate for manufacturing parts. Aluminum, Copper, and Brass Parts are chosen for their lightweight, conductivity, and corrosion resistance, ideal for electrical and decorative applications. Stainless and Carbon Steel Parts provide durability and strength for more demanding environments. Plastic Parts offer flexibility, design freedom, and resistance to corrosion, catering to a wide array of industries from consumer electronics to automotive.

Machining Parts M
Aluminum Parts

Lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum components for aerospace, automotive, and electronics.

Copper CNC Parts
Copper Parts

Highly conductive copper components ideal for electrical and thermal applications.

CNC Machining Brass Parts
Brass Parts

Aesthetic, corrosion-resistant brass parts used in decorative and functional applications.

stainless steel machined parts 01
Stainless Steel Parts

Durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel components for medical and food industries.

cnc steel parts
Carbon Steel Parts

High-strength carbon steel components for construction and heavy machinery.

cnc plastic parts
Plastic Parts

Versatile, durable plastic components for consumer goods, automotive, and medical devices.

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Categorization by Product Name

Product name classification focuses on the specific applications and functionality of manufactured components. Enclosures protect sensitive electronics; Gears transmit motion and power within machinery. Flanges facilitate the assembly of pipes, Special Fasteners provide tailored securing solutions, and Bike Stems connect handlebars to bicycles for rider control. Connector Pins ensure reliable electrical connections, and Bicycle chainrings are the key to shifting, improving pedaling efficiency and speed control, each category serving distinct roles in their respective fields.

cnc aluminum enclosures-Aluminum Electronic Enclosures

Protective casings for electronic devices, ensuring safety and durability.

Gears Machined parts

Essential mechanical components for transmitting torque and speed in machinery.

Brass CZ121 Round Flange

Connects pipes, valves, and pumps, ensuring tight seals in fluid systems.

Special Fasteners

Customized fasteners designed for unique applications requiring specific strength or materials.

35mm bike stem Machined Parts Manufacturer
Bike Stem

Connects handlebars to the fork, crucial for bike handling and ergonomics.

Connector Pins

Precision electrical components for secure connections in electronic devices.

Oval Bike Chainrings-Custom Bicycle Parts
Bike Chainring

Central component of the drivetrain, crucial for converting pedal power into motion on the road or trail.

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Custom Machined Parts: From Prototype to Production

At RALLY, we have perfected the journey of machined parts manufacturing, right from prototype development to full-scale production. Our commitment to quality, precision, and innovation shines through every phase of the process.

As a leading provider in the industry, we specialize in offering tailor-made CNC machining services, delivering high precision, consistent quality, and swift production. Our focus is on creating custom parts using an extensive range of materials like plastics, metals, and composites, ensuring that we cater to the unique needs of our clients across various sectors.

At RALLY, no project is too daunting or too intricate. We strive on challenges, continually breaking the mold and setting new standards in the world of CNC machining. Our expertise spans across various domains, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, and more.

Custom CNC Parts manufacturing
Prototyping Custom CNC Part


RALLY swiftly turns your ideas into reality. By crafting high-fidelity prototypes, we enable thorough testing and iteration, ensuring your design meets every requirement with precision.

Pre-Production Custom CNC Part


Before mass production, we meticulously fine-tunes your design. We optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring efficiency and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Production Custom CNC Part


RALLY's advanced manufacturing capabilities ensure high-volume production without compromising on quality. We produce parts at scale, maintaining consistency and reliability across every batch.

Post-Production Custom CNC Part


After production, we conducts stringent quality checks. We ensure every component performs flawlessly, guaranteeing your satisfaction and project success.

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