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  • CNC Machining : Turning, and Milling.
  • Sample Delivery: 2-5 days.
  • Large Orders: 10-20 days.
  • Materials: Aluminum 6061 and 7075.

Custom Aluminum Bike Stem with CNC Machining

Key Features

  • Laser Engraving: Laser engraved with your logo or branding for long lasting results.
  • Height: Manufactured to your exact specifications based on your drawings.
  • Material: Choose from high quality aluminum alloy 6061 or 7075.
  • Finish: Choose from a variety of anodized colors for durability and style.
Custom bike stem China manufacturer

Benefits of Choosing RALLY Custom Bike Stems

  • Expert Precision: Benefit from our extensive experience in precision machining for flawless custom bike stems.

  • Material Variety: A broad selection of metals and plastics for CNC machined bicycle parts, ensuring durability and performance.

  • Superior Finish: Enjoy good surface finishes for an aesthetic look, with quick turnaround times and punctual delivery.

  • Flexible Production: Whether you need a few pieces or many, we accommodate both small and large production runs.

  • Quality Assurance: We provide material certificates for peace of mind, guaranteeing the quality of the materials used.

  • Advanced Machining: Our 3-4-5 axis precision machining delivers complex designs with high accuracy, tailored to your specifications.

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Our Bike Stem Product Display

custom bike stem 35mm aluminum 7075 color anodizing
custom bike stem aluminum 7075 black anodizing
Custom bike stem aluminum machining parts
custom bike stem mountain bike parts

Main Features:

  • Material Choices: Pick from Aluminum Alloy 6061 or 7075 for a strong, lightweight, and rust-resistant bike stem.
  • Adjustable Height: Choose heights from 36mm to 45mm, or customize to get the perfect fit for your riding style.
  • High Precision: Made with advanced CNC machining for top accuracy and a sleek look.
  • Color Options: Make it yours by choosing any anodized color, adding protection and style to your bike.
  • Smart Packaging: Each stem comes in its own box, 30 boxes to a carton, so it gets to you safely.
  • Ready to Supply: We can deliver up to 1000 pieces every month, ready for anyone from individual cyclists to stores.
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RALLY is the best Mechanical Parts Manufacturer Custom Bike Stem.

Rally Custom Bike Stem CNC Machining Equipment

Having honed our skills in CNC machining for 18 years, we've not only amassed expertise but also expanded our equipment inventory significantly. At the heart of our operations, we proudly boast 50 CNC machining centers. In addition, complementing these are our 20 sets of CNC lathes. Furthermore, to ensure versatility in our services, we have invested in 10 sets of 4-axis linkage machining centers. Not stopping there, we've also incorporated 4 sets of 5-axis linkage machining centers. Lastly, our arsenal is completed with 10 sets of Citizen walking centers, underscoring our commitment to precision and excellence.

Automatic lathe centering machine

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Aluminum Alloys Materials Custom Bike Stem

Two of the most popular materials for this purpose are aluminum alloys 6061 and 7075. Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide which material might be best for your custom bike stem project:

Custom Aluminum Enclosure
7075 aluminum Bicycle Parts

Aluminum 6061:

  • Properties: Known for its versatility, weldability, and good mechanical properties. It's easier to work with during machining and can be anodized for added corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.
  • Strength: Offers a good strength-to-weight ratio, though it is less strong than 7075. It's still very durable and sufficient for most cycling applications where extreme conditions are not a concern.
  • Applications: Ideal for parts that require a good balance of strength, weight, and cost. It's commonly used for less demanding applications such as casual riding or light competition.

Aluminum 7075:

  • Properties: This alloy is known for its high strength and fatigue resistance, making it one of the strongest aluminum alloys available. However, it's more challenging to machine and weld than 6061.
  • Strength: Offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to 6061, making it suitable for high-stress applications such as competitive cycling or rugged terrains.
  • Applications: Preferred for high-performance parts where durability and lightweight are critical. It's often used in professional racing bikes, mountain bikes, and other applications where maximum strength and stiffness are essential.

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Surface Finishes of Bike Stem: Anodizing


  • Description: An electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Aluminum is the most commonly anodized material.
  • Benefits: Enhances corrosion resistance and wear resistance; available in a variety of colors for customization; maintains the metal's luster.
  • Considerations: The color can fade over time when exposed to UV light, especially with brighter colors.
Metal Surface Finishing: Custom Aluminum Enclosure CNC Machining

Types of Anodizing for Bike Stems:

  • Type II (Conventional Anodizing): Offers a good balance of aesthetics and durability, with a wide range of color options. It’s the most common form for bike components.
  • Type III (Hard Anodizing): Creates a thicker and harder layer, providing extra durability and wear resistance. It is preferred for high-performance or rugged outdoor use but has limited color options compared to Type II.
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Quality Assurance - Custom Bike Stem

Quality assurance (QA) is crucial in the manufacturing of custom bike stems, ensuring that each piece meets strict standards for performance, durability, and safety.

1. Roughness Measurement

Purpose: To measure the texture of the surface of the bike stem. Surface roughness can affect the stem's friction, wear resistance, and appearance. A smoother finish usually indicates a higher quality as it suggests precise machining and finishing processes.

2. Hardness Testing

Purpose: To assess the material's resistance to deformation and wear. Hardness is a critical factor for bike stems as it impacts their durability and longevity.

3. Height Measurement

Purpose: To measure the vertical dimensions of the bike stem accurately. This is crucial for ensuring the stem fits correctly with other parts of the bike, such as the handlebars and fork.

4. 2D Measurement

Purpose: To verify the two-dimensional features of the bike stem, such as lengths, widths, and angles, ensuring they match the design specifications.

5. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

Purpose: To perform comprehensive three-dimensional measurements of the bike stem, checking for precise adherence to geometric tolerances and specifications.

Roughness Measurement
Hardness Testing
Inspection of wavegudie flange
Quality Inspection 2
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Packaging and shipping of Bike Stem


packaging of bike stem


  • DHL/UPS/FEDEX Express: Speed: 4-6 working days. Best for: Samples or small quantities.
  • Air Freight: Speed: 8-15 days. Best for: small orders.
  • Ocean Freight: Speed: 15-40 days. Best for: Bulk orders.
  • Railroad Transportation: Speed: faster than ocean freight, slower than air freight. Best for: bulk orders that do not require high speed.
Express Shipping
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