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CNC Brass Parts

Custom Machining of CNC Brass Parts

RALLY's expertise in custom machining brass components has made us the go-to choice for clients seeking high-quality, reliable solutions. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities and skilled workforce allow us to produce brass components for various applications, including plumbing, electronics, and automotive industries. By maintaining stringent quality control standards, we ensure that our products consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.

With RALLY's comprehensive brass machining services, we transform raw materials into precise components that play crucial roles in a multitude of applications. Our dedication to innovation and continuous improvement allows us to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. Trust RALLY to deliver top-tier brass components tailored to your unique requirements, combining durability, functionality, and outstanding performance.


Gallery of CNC Brass Machined Parts

Our brass machined parts are meticulously engineered with custom machined components derived from 2D/3D drawings, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. When you require top-notch brass machined parts, Rally's brass CNC machining services are the perfect solution.

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Brass Grade for CNC Brass Parts

We manufacture reliable high-precision modern CNC brass parts in full accordance with the provided drawings. All products made from this alloy are characterized by high wear resistance and also have excellent chemical, physical and mechanical properties. For example, the site contains photos of finished brass cases, bends, and other products that are widely used in many industries.

Brass C36000

C36000, also known as free-cutting brass, is a widely used brass alloy in CNC machining. It has excellent machinability, good strength, and corrosion resistance. This grade is suitable for applications like gears, valve components, and fittings.

Brass C37700

C37700, or forging brass, has good hot forgeability and machinability, with moderate strength and corrosion resistance. It is commonly used for forged components, such as valve bodies and fittings.

Brass C38500

C38500, also known as architectural bronze, offers excellent machinability and good strength. It is often used for architectural applications, such as door hardware, decorative elements, and custom extrusions.

Brass C46400

C46400, or naval brass, is a corrosion-resistant brass alloy with good strength and excellent machinability. It is used in marine applications, such as propellers, shafts, and fittings.

Brass C26000

C26000, also known as cartridge brass, is a versatile brass alloy with good strength, ductility, and machinability. It is used for various applications, including electrical components, fasteners, and fittings.

Brass C51000

This alloy is known for its high strength, wear resistance, and low coefficient of friction. It has good machinability and is commonly used for electrical contacts, springs, and bushings.

Fast and efficient fulfillment of custom orders of any size

The final manufacturing price of the parts is formed based on the individual applications. We have a large production capability and a team of professionals, meaning that you can place an order right now with complete confidence. All ready-made components undergo final quality control before shipment. Contact us today and we’ll be delighted to help you.

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Surface Finish of Brass Parts

There are several surface treatments available for brass parts to improve their appearance, corrosion resistance, or mechanical properties. Here are six common surface treatments for brass components:

Electroplating brass parts

Electroplating involves applying a thin layer of another metal, such as nickel, chrome, or gold, onto the brass surface. This process can enhance the part's appearance, increase corrosion resistance, and provide a base layer for additional surface treatments.

Powder Coating Brass parts
Powder Coating

Powder coating is a process where a dry powder, typically composed of pigments, binders, and fillers, is electrostatically applied to the surface of the brass part. The coated part is then heated in an oven, causing the powder to melt and form a smooth, durable, and corrosion-resistant layer.

Anodizing Brass Parts

While not as common for brass as it is for aluminum, anodizing can be used to create a protective oxide layer on the brass surface. This process can improve wear resistance, increase corrosion resistance, and provide a base for further surface treatments such as dyeing or sealing.

polishing brass parts

Polishing is a mechanical process that uses abrasive materials to smooth and shine the brass surface. It can improve the part's appearance and create a smooth, reflective surface.

Passivation Brass Parts

Passivation is a chemical treatment that forms a thin, protective oxide layer on the brass surface. This layer increases the material's resistance to corrosion and helps maintain its appearance over time.

Brushing Brass Parts

It is a mechanical finishing process that creates a uniform surface texture with a series of fine parallel lines. Brushed finishes can help hide minor imperfections and provide a more consistent appearance.

CNC Machined Brass Parts Applications

Wide range of applications

Machined brass components offer remarkable versatility, finding usage across numerous industries. Their durability, resistance to corrosion, and excellent conductivity make them suitable for applications in the automotive, electronics, plumbing, musical instruments, aerospace, defense, and medical sectors, among others. This flexibility underscores the broad utility of brass parts.

Automotive Industry

Brass parts are used in vehicles for fittings, valves, and components of cooling systems, hydraulic systems, and fuel systems.


Brass parts are common in connectors, terminals, and various electrical components due to their excellent conductivity.

Medical Devices

Brass parts are used in surgical instruments, diagnostic devices, and implants due to their antimicrobial properties.

Aerospace and Defense

In these industries, brass is used for components that require precision and durability, such as connectors and fasteners.

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