Custom Brass Connectors Pins, Brass Electrical Pin, Brass Plug Pins.

Connector Pins

Custom Brass Connector Pins

RALLY is a leading manufacturer of electrical connector pins. The products are made of high-quality brass, beryllium copper, copper, phosphor bronze, etc. The surface treatment has Tin plated, Nickel plated, Gold plated, Silver plated, etc. With more than 50 sets of automatic lathes, custom diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm are available. Connector pins products are used for control panel plug pins, socket pins, electronic connectors, brass terminal connectors, power meter parts, box terminals, etc.

With advanced machinery and automated management, we offer first-class electronic component contact brass connector pins manufactured by our professionals using quality tested brass for cable connectors, Sensor connectors, Electrician electrical applications.

Automatic lathe for connector pins
Product Features
Small diameter

The smallest can reach ø0.8 or less.

High durability

Maximum durability up to 1 million times.

High current

Elaborate on the reason you've mentioned.

High Reliablity

100% dynamic impedance testing to ensure 100%

Lower working height

Minimum working height up to 1.5mm.

High precision

Height tolerance up to +/-0.05mm Positive force up to +/-10%

Terminal pin connector male and female

The male connector is equipped with a protruding terminal, while the female connector is equipped with a recessed socket below the surface of the insulator. When you plug two specially designed connectors together, the two parts establish an electrical connection by "butting" them together.

  • Brass pin plated gold connector
  • Male specification: 2mm*14.5mm
  • Femal specification: 2.5mm*11.5mm
  • Material: brass  /  Plating: gold
  • Application: Electrical Switches, Plug & Sockets, Toys, Medical Instrument, Control Panels, etc.
Terminal pin connector male and female

Electrical Connector pins Protoypes

  • Brass, beryllium copper, phosphor bronze, copper.
  • Equipment: CNC Lathes, Automatic Lathes
  • The milling angle and right angle can be customized.
  • Bend 90 or 45 can be customized.
  • Gold / Tin / Silver / Nickel plated.
  • Specification: Outer diameter ø0.5~ø20mm
  • Non-standard products can be customized according to the customer's drawing requirements.
connector pins prototype

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Connector Pins Gallery

Supply electronic component contacts brass connector pins for wire connector termination and electronic component applications.

Connector Pins Applications fields

The connector contact pins are widely used in various electronic, electrical, lighting, medical equipment, sensors, communication electronics, aerospace equipment, optical instruments, optical fiber, and other fields, providing reliable and stable supporting services for domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Connctor Pins Applications fields
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