PTFE (Teflon) Machining Service

Precision PTFE machining for high-performance industrial needs. Experience quality service with custom PTFE parts.

Rally Offers Teflon/PTFE Machining Services

Rally specializes in Teflon/PTFE machining services to meet the high-performance needs of your industry. The experienced team utilizes advanced machining techniques, including CNC turning, CNC milling, and drilling, to create custom parts with precision and efficiency. We are committed to delivering parts that meet your exact specifications, from complex geometries to tight tolerances.

A rigorous quality control process ensures that each product meets the highest standards. We also strive to provide fast lead times and competitive pricing. Whether you are in the aerospace, electronics, automotive, or medical fields, Rally is your reliable partner for all your Teflon/PTFE machining requirements.

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Custom Metal Parts
CNC Milling

This involves the use of rotary cutters to remove material from the workpiece. The cutter typically moves across the workpiece, shaping it as desired. Milling is effective for creating a variety of features on a PTFE workpiece.

CNC turning stainless steel machining service
CNC Turning

Turning is a fundamental process in PTFE machining, where the Teflon workpiece rotates while a stationary cutting tool shapes it. This technique is ideal for creating precise cylindrical parts, such as rods and tubes, with smooth finishes.

CNC drilling stainless steel machining service
CNC Drilling

This process is used to create holes of different sizes and depths in the PTFE workpiece. Drills, which are rotary cutting tools, press against the workpiece, subsequently cutting away material to create a hole.

Popular TEFLON Machined Parts

  • Seals and Gaskets: Providing leak-free connections in various industries.
  • Bushings and Bearings: Offering low friction in mechanical systems.
  • Insulators: Utilized in the electronics industry for their excellent insulation properties.
  • Valve components: Essential in chemical and fluid handling systems due to their chemical resistance.
  • Washers: Employed in countless applications for their durability and heat resistance.
  • Pump and compressor components: Ideal for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.
  • Medical components: Utilized for biocompatibility and sterilization capabilities.
Popular TEFLON Machined Parts
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Application Of PTFE Machined Parts

PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene), also known as Teflon, machined parts are used across a broad range of industries due to their unique properties. Here are some applications:

Aerospace Industry - Precision Machining Services
Aerospace Industry

Due to its lightweight and high-temperature resistance, PTFE is used in seals and linings in aerospace applications. It ensures operational efficiency and reliability in extreme conditions.

Electronics Industry - Precision Machining Services
Electronics Industry

PTFE is utilized for its superior electrical insulation properties. It's used in wire insulation, connectors, and circuit boards, providing reliable performance and preventing electrical interference.

Medical Electronics Industry - Precision Machining Services
Medical Industry

PTFE's biocompatibility and sterilizability make it suitable for medical devices like catheters and sutures. It's non-reactive and safe for bodily contact, meeting stringent health and safety standards.

Automotive Industry - Precision Machining Services
Automotive Industry

In automotive applications, PTFE parts such as seals, gaskets, and bushings excel due to their low friction and high-temperature resistance. This ensures optimal vehicle performance and increased component lifespan.

Oil and Gas Industry
Energy Industry

PTFE's chemical resistance and thermal stability make it ideal for seals and gaskets in the oil and gas industry. It can withstand harsh operating conditions, providing reliable sealing performance.

Food Processing Industry
Food Processing Industry

With its non-stick properties and FDA compliance, PTFE is used in food processing equipment, facilitating easy cleaning and reducing food contamination risk.

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PTFE Machining: A Quick Guide to Machining PTFE

PTFE machining is the process of shaping PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE), a high-performance plastic, into desired forms. This high-resistance material, commonly known as Teflon, is ideal for various applications due to its low friction, corrosion resistance, and electrical insulation properties.

Quality is our priority. We adhere to strict quality control measures, including rigorous inspection at every stage of production. This ensures we deliver only the highest quality PTFE machined components.

Lead times can vary based on the complexity of the project and material availability. We strive to provide efficient and timely services, ensuring customer satisfaction and project completion as per the agreed schedule.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) offers unparalleled benefits. Its exceptional chemical resistance, low friction, and non-stick attributes make it indispensable in diverse industries. Plus, PTFE's superior electrical insulation and high-temperature resilience guarantee performance even in extreme conditions. Enhance your operations with this versatile material.

PTFE is widely used in numerous applications due to its unique properties. It's found in non-stick cookware, electrical insulation, seals and gaskets, bearings, and a host of other components in industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical, electronics, and chemical processing.

Absolutely. We specialize in producing custom PTFE parts based on your unique specifications and design requirements. Our experts are adept at realizing your concept into a tangible high-performance component.

Other Plastic Materials We Work With

At RALLY, our expertise isn't limited to PTFE. We offer a comprehensive suite of plastic machining services, utilizing materials like Nylon, Acrylic, PEEK, and Polycarbonate. With our advanced technology and skilled technicians, we can realize your projects with precision and quality, regardless of the plastic type.

Acetal (Delrin) machining

Delrin machining

Acrylic Machining

Acrylic machining

peek Machining

PEEK machining

ABS machining

ABS machining

plastic machining turning parts NYLON PA66 _副本

Nylon Machining

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