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CNC Brass Machining

Professional Brass Machining Service

For the past 15 years, Rally has been providing the highest quality CNC brass machining services to customers around the world. We have state-of-the-art machines for custom brass machined parts with the highest precision. Our milling and turning centers are equipped with the latest CNC equipment. In our CNC turning centers, we have bar capacities up to 2.75" and our cut-off operations are performed using advanced European technology. Rally Precision's CNC milling and turning centers are capable of 3, 4, and 5-axis machining services for all brass grades.


We guarantee modern, high-quality CNC brass machining services. Soft metal alloy materials like brass can be composed of varying proportions of copper and zinc. Brass:

  • differs in simplicity when processing;
  • has a relatively low melting point and excellent flow characteristics;
  • is often used in the manufacturing of thigh-strength parts for decorative purposes and various industries;
  • is resistant to corrosion.

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We provide quality CNC machining services for various kinds of materials, including all grades of brass. Highly qualified specialists guarantee flawless work and speed of all necessary operations. Our three, four, and five-axis equipment allows for high productivity and the stable precision of products.

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Our Brass Machining Capbilities

Brass Turning

CNC Turning - CNC Machining Service

At our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to provide a wide range of brass machining capabilities, including brass turning. Our skilled team of machinists are able to produce high-quality turned parts with a quick turnaround time. We use the latest CNC turning machines, which are capable of achieving tolerances as low as +/.005". In addition, we have a wide range of tooling options available, which allows us to create parts with a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you need a few prototype parts or large production run, we're confident that we can meet your needs. 

Brass Milling

brass machining -milling

Brass milling is a versatile manufacturing process that can be used to produce a wide range of parts and products. We have state-of-the-art CNC milling machines, operated by experts, to manufacture customized, high-precision brass parts. Some of the products we manufacture using brass milling include: medical devices, electrical components, automotive parts and more. We are confident that we create high quality brass parts and products that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our brass milling capabilities or to request a quote for your next project.

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Brass grades and standards comparison table

Brass is a metal alloy with zinc and copper as its main elements, though, copper and zinc in different proportions create diverse brass alloys. Here are some of the brass materials grades Rally Precision uses for brass machining services:

Brass Machining Grades
H68 C26200 CuZn33
H65 C26800 CZ107 CuZn36
H63 C26800 CuZn37
H62 C27400 CZ108 CuZn37
HPb63-3 C34500 CZ119 CuZn36Pb1.5
HPb60-2 C36000
HPb59-3 CZ120
HPb59-2 C35300 CuZn39Pb2
HPb59-1 C37800 CZ122 CuZn39Pb3
HPb58-2.5 C38000 CZ121 CuZn

Available Surface Finishes of Brass Machined Parts

Brass is a popular choice for machined parts due to its resistance to corrosion, high strength, and low friction properties. When brass is machined, the surface finish of the part can be customized to meet the needs of the application. The four most common surface finishes for brass machined parts are as follows:

brass electroplating


Plating enhances the corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, smoothness, and surface aesthetics of brass by applying a thin film to the material.

copper chemical polishing

chemical polishing

The copper parts are immersed directly in the chemical polishing solution to quickly achieve a beautiful shiny new color, while quickly removing surface oxides.

brass passivation


Anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. Copper is susceptible to oxidation in a humid environment, and passivation can effectively protect the surface of copper parts.

brass Sand blasting

Sand Blasting

Uses solid particles that are sprayed on the part with high-pressure compressed air. Removes any scratches from the brass parts and achieves a smooth surface.

Brass Machining Applications

Brass machining is used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including medical, electrical, plumbing, and even consumer goods. Using CNC machining and fabrication methods can help companies meet the exacting standards required in these industries. At Rally, we specialize in brass machining and have the ability to create parts and components for many different industries. Some of the most common applications for brass machining include medical devices, electrical components, plumbing fixtures, and even consumer goods.

Brass is highly durable and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for use in high-moisture environments or for products that will be exposed to harsh conditions. In addition, brass has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties, making it ideal for electrical applications. And because brass is relatively easy to machine, it can be used in a variety of custom applications. If you're looking for a reliable and experienced brass machining partner, contact us today. We'll work with you to develop custom solutions that meet your precise needs.

electronics industry

Electronics Industry

medical industry

Medical Industry

automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Advantages of our brass machining

Whether prototype or mass production, we can help you with your brass processing needs. We offer a wide range of services to help you get the most out of your investment and save you money in the process.

Diverse Surface Treatments

We can apply various types of surface treatments to your products, including anodizing and plating. This will improve the quality and extend the life of your product.

Wide-Ranging Prototypes

Our team is creating prototypes for new designs and products, helping our customers realize their products by increasing efficiency or adding extra features.

Small Lead Time

We work hard to ensure that our customers receive their products on time. Our team will work with you to ensure we meet all deadlines for projects large and small.

Cost Savings

Our modern machining equipment requires fewer laborers and produces error-free products which save the overall cost of the brass machining process.

Comprehensive CNC services

We offer a full range of CNC services for a variety of metals, including brass. From 3D printing to assembly and machining, our technicians are ready to help take your project from concept to reality!

Customer Satisfaction

We have a certain policy that if the customer is not satisfied with the final result, they can request a redo of the brass machining service.

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A Complete FAQ Guide

Rally Precision is keen on providing high-precision and advanced machining solutions to its customers. The well-trained staff at Rally Precision guides you towards every aspect of machining operations. We ensure our customers make knowledgeable choices for their prototype and batch orders. To make that easier for you, here is a complete guide about CNC brass machining.

What Is Brass Machining?

Brass machining is a subtractive method where excessive brass pieces are removed with the aid of rotatory cutting equipment. The removal of the metal from the workpiece is carried out to achieve the desired custom machined parts of brass. With an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and higher flexibility, brass is one of the ideal materials for the CNC machining process. It has a wide range of industrial applications, and a seamless material choice for medical and plumbing, and electrical parts.

The machining method uses different grades of brass to accomplish high precision custom machined parts with unique characteristics. All kinds of CNC machining processes can be used for brass which is one of the most widely used alloys in the entire world. Brass parts that are durable, cost-friendly, wear-resistant, and have a smooth finishing.

CNC Brass Machining Techniques

  • CNC Turning: The custom brass machined parts are manufactured by CNC turning by holding the workpiece in a clamp and the turning machine rotating it while the cutting tool removes the material.
  • CNC Milling: CNC milling uses a multi-point rotatory tool with a spindle to remove the brass material from the workpiece and design perfect shapes. The spindle in CNC milling can be mounted horizontally and vertically.
  • CNC Drilling: In the CNC drilling process, the brass workpiece remains stationary whereas the drilling tool moves and makes cylindrical holes in the material to create the desired brass parts.
  • EDM: Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) uses a spark between the electrically conducting material and a wire to vaporize the material rather than cutting it into precise and custom designs.

Why You Should Choose Brass For Your Project?

  • Higher melting point: The higher melting point of the material enables it to bear temperature variations more easily, and brass has a melting point of nearly 900 degrees Celsius.
  • Easy to recycle: Almost all alloys of brass have a unique ferromagnetic property that makes them very easy to be recycled. Easily recyclable materials are more profitable for CNC machining.
  • Formability: Brass machining is one of the common processes for many industries because of its higher formability than other elements. Brass is very easy to mold, bend, cast, and machine.
  • Cost-friendly: The brass alloys despite their valuable mechanical and chemical properties are affordable and resourceful. The raw material is cheaper than other materials for CNC machining.

What Are The Applications Of Brass Machined Parts?

  • Medical: There is a huge demand for the end products of the brass machining process in the medical and surgical fields. Medical tools like pressure valves, fittings, and pressure regulators are common applications.
  • Electrical: With copper as its main alloying element, brass machined parts are used in electrical industries a lot. The brass machining produces electrical valves, bushings, switches, knobs, for electrical sectors.
  • Oil and Gas: The oil and gas industries are focused on the excellence, accuracy, and safety of small tools and gears used in those sectors, which is why brass machining comes as a suitable solution.
  • Plumbing: In the field of plumbing, several pipe fittings, screws, sleeves, gears, and bearings of diverse sizes are designed and created using the brass machining process.
  • Consumer Goods: The products of CNC brass machining can be seen in every general store. Ranging from toys to kitchen utensils, brass machining is being used for producing multiple consumer products.

What Are The Advantages Of CNC brass Machining?

  • High-Speed Process: Due to the admirable machinability of brass grades, the machining procedure takes 5-20% less time than other materials, making it a high-speed machining method.
  • Precision and Stability: Brass deforms less because of its high tensile strength and excessive pressure resistance. This property makes brass machining a dimensionally stable and precise procedure.
  • Greater Productivity: Brass machining offers greater productivity and financial profit because it is a high-speed process. Its efficient and accurate process makes it economically suitable for various industries.
  • Environmental Friendly: Brass is an alloy made of natural copper and zinc with enhanced chemical and mechanical properties. This is why the brass machining process does not pose any threats to the environment.
  • Broader Product Categories: Like aluminum, brass has a number of valuable grades, each of which can produce custom brass machined parts with vast industrial capabilities, and offer broader product categories.

Which Brass Grade Are Suitable For Machining?

H63: Brass H63 contains high Zinc content and can bear extreme temperatures. Commonly used in the production of musical and electrical appliances. Rally Precision also works with brass H62.

Hpb59-1: Hpb59-1 is a brass grade with maximum Lead content. Rally Precision provides machining services for Hpb63-3, Hpb60-2, Hpb59-3, and Hpb59-2, as well as Hpb59-1 for producing screws, fittings, and bearings.

C26800: Rally Precision offers high-quality machining brass parts with brass C26800, C27400, C34500, C3600, C35300, C37800, and C26800 grades. C26800 is known as Yellow brass for its high copper and zinc contents.

CZ108: Brass CZ108 is a pure grade with high tensile strength and extreme bending properties. Along with brass CZ108, Rally Precision also offers CNC machining for CZ119, CZ120, and CZ122 grades.

CuZn37: Brass grades CuZn37, CuZn36pb1.5, CuZn39pb2, and CuZn39pb3 hold excellent mechanical properties like high resistance and good cold forming. Rally Precision deals with all grades of the CuZn37 series for CNC brass machining.

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