Our experienced specialists carry out metal casting of aluminum, zinc, and brass. We can meet various customer requirements for the production of small or large batches of products.

Steel Casting Services

We guarantee effective solutions for obtaining products by casting metal in China

You can order guaranteed high-quality steel casting of the required number of parts. We carry out the production of castings by filling the appropriate molds with molten metal. After hardening, the product is taken out and processed to remove small defects in the form of burrs manually or mechanically. Using an alloy of copper and zinc, our specialists then produce brass castings that are highly resistant to corrosion and have excellent mechanical properties. Brass products are widely used in household items and decorative elements. Zinc has a low melting point, which allows us to quickly and inexpensively produce reliable complex parts.

We are confident that you’ll be satisfied with our prices for metal casting

We provide comprehensive casting services at an affordable price using modern professional equipment. The final price of each order is formed individually - it is always well justified.

By cooperating with us, small and medium-sized industrial companies from different countries can quickly receive the parts they need produced to a high level of quality. About 80% of RallyPrecision products are shipped to Europe and North America.

We recommend that you apply for a comprehensive CNC machining service. Experienced specialists will select the most suitable type of equipment to ensure the products achieve the perfect surface. We look forward to working with you soon.

Metal Casting Services-die casting

Die Casting

Die casting is the injection of molten metal material into a partial metal casting mold through high pressure. Our expertise in die casting lies in a wide range of die casting options, we can provide aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, brass die casting. Die-casting equipment includes: 125T/180T/250T/280T/500T/800T/1250T. Follow-up processing machinery includes CNC lathe, CNC machining center, and many other types of equipment. The commonly used die-casting materials are A380/A390/A360/ADC10/ADC12/ENAC-43400/ENAC-44300/ENAC-44400/ENAC-46000/ENAC-46100.
In order to ensure the quality of products, the company has testing equipment and instruments such as a spectrometer, 3D coordinate meter, and projector.

Metal Casting Materials We Offer

For your small, medium, and large volume orders, you will get various metal casting parts made of materials, including aluminum, brass, and zinc. Whether you seek investment casting, sand casting, or die casting using any of these materials, we will meet your need impressively.

metal casting services-aluminum die casting

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum castings are our specialty, producing the highest quality aluminum castings through continuous investment in the latest technology and equipment. Orders for aluminum castings are made in small, high-volume production runs. Our department offers to provide secondary CNC machining and a variety of finishes to meet your die casting requirements. You will get excellent aluminum grades that suit your projects, including ADC12, ADC10, A360, A380, A413, B390, EN47100, EN44100, and more.

metal casting services-brass die casting

Brass Casting

Brass is made by combining copper and zinc at high temperatures. Brass die castings have mechanical properties of high hardness and high corrosion resistance. We offer a wide range of sizes and dimensions according to industrial requirements. Brass can be cast into many products, most commonly used in lamp housings, door handles, decorative items, etc. Our brass option offers you excellent grades for your metal casting projects, including C27000, C28000, C37700, C36000, C35000, C34000, and more.

metal casting services-zinc die casting

Zinc Casting

Zinc alloy is one of the many metals used in die-casting products. Because of its low melting point, it is easier to mold into what you need. Based on your specifications, we have developed a die casting process that can economically produce reliable quality parts. Specializing in advanced micro zinc die casting for high precision manufacturing of smaller and more complex parts. You will also get access to excellent Zinc grades, including Zamak 2, Zamak 5, Zamak 3, Zamak 7, ZA27, ZA8, and more.

Die Casting Production Process

Specializing in custom metal casting parts, we provide one-stop aluminum, zinc, and copper alloy casting manufacturing services for the automotive, medical, lighting, and electronics industries. With our professional casting equipment, we help small and medium-sized companies around the world to manufacture the best quality casting parts at a lower cost and timely delivery time. Here is a breakdown of how we help you achieve your part production.

metal casting services-Tooling Display

Casting Tooling

Our casting tooling operations helps to create metal tools that are designed and built according to the specification of your parts. In this step, lubricants are applied to regulate the mold temperature while creating a film between the molten metal and the mold.

Metal Casting

Casting Production

Once the mold is ready from the previous step, we carry out casting production using the molds. The mold is injected with molten metal to form the desired shape and allowed to solidify to form your part specification.

metal casting services-manual demurring

Manual Deburring

After your part has been produced into the preferred form, then it is then ready for deburring. This manual process removes the small imperfections known as burrs and many more defects on the parts.

metal casting services-cnc machining

CNC Machining

Once your parts or products have been manually deburred, some machining process is carried using CNC machining process to help achieve the requirements for your products. This process is a quick one as it is automated.

metal casting services-surface polishing

Surface Polishing

The surface polishing process then follows the CNC machining process. This process features the use of polishing tools, abrasive particles, and or other polishing media on the surface of the CNC milled part.

metal casting services-dimension inspection

CMM Dimension Inspection

Lastly, the final product is inspected to confirm if the piece follows the requirement stated for the production. In most cases, our high-quality parts follow these requirements, which can be attributed to our effectiveness and efficiency.

Metal Casting Services FAQ Guide

Rally Precision is keen on providing high-precision and advanced metal casting solutions to its customers. The well-trained staff at Rally Precision guides you towards every aspect of metal casting operations. We ensure our customers make knowledgeable choices for their prototype and batch orders. To make that easier for you, here is a complete guide about metal casting.

What Is Die Casting?

Die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, using the pressure casting machinery to die casting machine fitted with casting molds, the metal heated to liquid states such as copper, zinc, aluminum, or aluminum alloy is poured into the inlet of the die casting machine and die-cast by the die casting machine to cast copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy parts of the shape and size limited by the mold, such parts are usually called die castings.

What are your capabilities of Metal Casting Services?

You will get varieties of metal casting services that are perfect for your project. With our extensive capabilities, you will get investment Casting Service, Sand Casting Service, and Die Casting Service. Also, you will get metal casting services using materials that feature excellent properties, including aluminum alloys, zinc, and brass.

What are the advantages of die casting?

  • High dimensional accuracy, good surface finish, high strength, and hardness.
  • High productivity. Among all casting methods, die casting is the method with high productivity.
  • Good economic efficiency. Due to the precise dimensions of die castings and smooth surfaces. Usually, no more mechanical processing is used directly, or less processing, which improves the utilization of metal and reduces a lot of processing equipment.
  • Variety surface treatment. Die casting can do a variety of smooth or textured surface treatments. And only need to do a very simple pre-treatment, the product can easily complete the surface treatment process.
  • Simple and fast assembly. Die casting can be assembled with various fasteners, such as screws, bolts, etc. The holes can be drilled and tapped to achieve assembly, and even screws can be put into the mold and die-cast with the product.

How can I choose the right Metal Casting Service for my project?

Based on our experience and expertise, we will help you choose the most suitable casting technique compatible with your product’s requirements and characteristics. This will help you reduce unnecessary waste and costs while you achieve high-quality casting results for your products. Here are the factors we’ll help you should consider in selecting the right metal casting service for your project:

  • Part material settings
  • The accuracy and complexity of the materials
  • The surface finish requirement for the products
  • Budget-friendly investment for metal casting molds
  • Cost budget of parts manufacturing
  • Quantity of part requirement within a time frame
  • Part usage environment

What factors affect the quality of Metal Casting Service?

For your high-quality manufacturing, there are a wide variety of factors that influence the quality of metal casting services. While you need to take note of these factors in determining the outcome of your products, we take proper care to ensure that we factor in these effects on metal casting manufacturing services. The following are factors affecting the quality of metal casting service, which we do not treat lightly:

  • Pouring Temperature: The casting process and temperature vary from metal to metal. It can be attributed to the variation in physical and chemical properties of each meatal
  • Pouring rate: We ensure that there is a balance in volume flow during the pouring process. This balance should be strictly controlled as high temperatures can create pores in the product.
  • Turbulence: During production, we ensure that the speed of the casting process is consistent with the flow direction of the molten material. This will help ensure that you get high-quality parts.
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