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metal surface finishing

Metal Surface Finishing Service

Surface treatment is done by changing the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of the surface layer of the product to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration, or other special functions of the product.

RALLY offers high-quality surface finishing services for all metal parts and plastic products. We have skilled specialists and a long-standing stable of brother factories that can provide perfect surface finishes for your prototypes and other components. We are subdivided according to two different materials: metal and plastic.

Metal Surface finishing

Mechanical metal surface finishing

Mechanical Surface Finishing

Mechanical surface treatment mechanically alters the surface properties of a workpiece to make it smoother, flatter, or thicker. Common types are Polishing, Grinding, Blasting, etc.

Chemical Metal Surface Finishing

Chemical Surface Finishing

Chemical surface finishing modifies the surface of metals through the use of chemicals. Common types: Plating, Black Oxide, Phosphating, Galvanizing, Anodizing, Pickling, Passivation, etc.

Electrochemical Metal Surface Finishing

Electrochemical Surface Finishing

Electrochemical surface treatment or electrolytic polishing treatment is a finishing process that uses a combination of electricity and chemical substances to polish the surface of metal parts.

Clear anodized Nickel plating Polishing Zinc plating
Multicolor anodized Chrome plating Passivating Oxide black
Sand Blasting Electrophoresis Black Sandblasting Nickel plating
Powder Coating Oxide Black Laser engraving Chrome plating
Brushing Powder-coated Electrophoresis black Heat treatment
Chroming Polishing Oxide black Powder coating

Metal Surface Finish

Metal surface processing can be divided into oxidation processing, painting processing, electroplating, surface polishing processing, corrosion processing, etc.

CNC machining China manufacturer: metal surface finishing

Post-treatment process

Painting-metal surface finishing
Plating-metal surface finishing
Anodizing-metal surface finishing
silk-screening-metal surface finishing
sandblasting-metal surface finishing
laser engraving-metal surface finishing
laser engraving

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Plastic surface finishing

There are many common surface processing processes of plastic products, among which electroplating and spray painting are relatively common ways, the following comprehensive introduction of the plastic surface treatment process:

screen printing

A process of printing the desired pattern on the surface of plastic parts by pad printing, screen printing, transfer printing, and other methods.

plastic Plating

Applied to plastic surfaces to obtain a metallic finish and achieve the functional requirements of metals. Includes chemical plating and electroplating.

plastic spray paint

A coating is attached to the surface of plastic products to form a coating film, which protects and decorates the product. Generally, we use spray paint.

plastic wire drawing
Removal of materials

The process of removing material from plastic parts includes wire drawing, laser engraving, sandblasting, and polishing.

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