RALLY offers superior CNC Plastic machining services, featuring high-precision, customization, and scalable production capabilities to meet diverse industry demands, ensuring impeccable quality and timely delivery.

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At RALLY, we specialize in providing top-tier plastic machining and manufacturing services designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries. With an expansive array of machined capabilities, our offerings include precision plastic CNC turning, innovative 3D plastic machining, precise industrial laser engraving, efficient plastic drilling, and meticulous plastic milling. Our dedicated in-house CNC machinists are experts in delivering customized plastic machining solutions tailored to your unique industry-specific requirements.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our selection of over 30 high-quality plastic materials, ensuring that we can manufacture machined parts suitable for a wide range of applications across numerous sectors. At RALLY, we go beyond just manufacturing; we offer comprehensive services that encompass prototyping new plastic parts, the meticulous engineering and designing of plastic components, reverse engineering for existing products, and expert guidance on material selection. Trust RALLY to provide the expertise and precision you need for all your plastic machining and manufacturing projects.

plastic PTFE machining services
ABS machining

Precision CNC Plastic Machining at RALLY

At RALLY, our Precision CNC Plastic Machining services are designed to accommodate orders of any size, ensuring customer satisfaction with every product. Beyond machining, we offer expert support in prototyping, research, and the development of innovative product designs.

Our primary aim is to deliver your product efficiently and cost-effectively, employing the most advanced methods at every stage of the machining process. From the initial design through to manufacturing and final delivery, RALLY is committed to timely and affordable execution. Complex projects are our specialty, and we pride ourselves on tackling them with precision and care.

POM CNC Machined Plastic Parts
CNC Machining Peek Rally Precision
PTFE (Teflon) machined plastic part
Nylon Machined Plastic Part


POM (Delrin/Acetal): High mechanical strength, stiffness, excellent machinability, low friction, good dimensional stability, resistant to moisture.

PEEK: Exceptional thermal resistance, high mechanical strength, chemical resistant, suitable for demanding applications, excellent wear properties.

Nylon: High strength and toughness, wear-resistant, absorbs moisture, good thermal/chemical resistance, versatile for mechanical parts.e.

ABS: Strong, impact-resistant, easily machined and finished, good dimensional stability, popular for prototypes and consumer goods.

PTFE (Teflon): Extremely low friction, outstanding chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, difficult to machine, non-stick applications.

Polycarbonate: High impact strength, transparent, thermally resistant, easily machined, suitable for protective gear and optical devices.

PMMA (Acrylic): Excellent optical clarity, UV resistant, easy to machine and polish, brittle, used in lenses and displays.

PET: Good dimensional stability, high strength and toughness, chemical resistant, recyclable, used in fibers and packaging.

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What Makes RALLY Stand Out

Looking for a Reliable Plastic Machining Company?

Searching for a dependable plastic machining company? Look no further than RALLY. We stand out in the industry with our cutting-edge machining capabilities and a steadfast commitment to quality. Our equipment is subject to stringent inspections, guaranteeing only the highest precision in CNC plastic machining.

At RALLY, we don’t just offer services; we ensure efficiency, with a swift turnaround that significantly benefits your timelines. Our competitive pricing and unwavering dedication to meeting deadlines mean that you can expect your precision machined components to arrive on time, every time. Partner with RALLY to enhance your business operations, benefiting from our meticulous attention to detail and expertise.

Why Work With a Plastic Machining Manufacturer?

Choosing to work with a plastic machining manufacturer like RALLY can significantly enhance your production process and product quality. As a premier plastic machining manufacturer based in China, RALLY offers a comprehensive suite of services, including custom injection molding and precision plastic machining. Our commitment to efficiency is evident in our reliance on advanced CNC technology, ensuring precise cuts and minimal errors.

This meticulous approach not only prevents material waste but also reduces overall material usage, making the production process more sustainable and cost-effective. Clients who partner with RALLY benefit from our streamlined machining process, which translates to remarkably fast turnaround times for their machined parts. By choosing RALLY, you're opting for a seamless, efficient, and reliable manufacturing solution that promises exceptional results for your projects.

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Plastic Materials We Work With

At RALLY, our extensive expertise in precision CNC plastic machining enables us to work with a wide array of plastic materials to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various industries. Our selection of plastic materials includes, but is not limited to:

PVC CNC Machined Plastic Parts
CNC Plastic Components
HDPE cnc machined plastic part
Acrylic (PMMA) CNC Machined Plastic Part
  • Acetal (POM): Suitable for gears, bearings and moving parts.
  • Polyethylene (PE): Includes both high density (HDPE) and low density (LDPE).
  • Polypropylene (PP): used for automotive parts, packaging and laboratory equipment.
  • Polycarbonate (PC): Combines strength, transparency and temperature resistance.
  • PTFE: Widely used in seals, gaskets and bearings.
  • Nylon: It is commonly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts such as gears and bushings.
  • PEEK: It is ideal for advanced applications in the aerospace, medical and automotive fields.
  • PMMA/Acrylate: Commonly used in optical and transparent applications where aesthetics are important.
  • PVC: Suitable for plumbing, fittings and appliance housings.
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CNC Machining Processes Overview

RALLY specializes in CNC machining services designed to meet the exacting standards of diverse industries. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced technology to deliver precision, efficiency, and quality. Here’s a glimpse into our service offerings:

3 axis CNC Milling machining
3-axis CNC Milling

3-axis CNC Milling is ideal for parts requiring simple geometries and surfaces. It's cost-effective for prototyping and basic production, supporting a wide range of materials.

CNC Milling Machine
5-axis CNC Milling

5-axis CNC Milling allows for machining complex shapes in a single setup, improving precision and reducing lead times. It's perfect for advanced aerospace and medical parts.

cnc turning center
CNC Turning

CNC Turning specializes in producing cylindrical parts with precise diameters and finishes. It's highly efficient for creating components like shafts and fasteners, ensuring uniformity and quality.

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