CNC Metal Machining Services


Our company provides professional processing of various types of materials.

We guarantee fast and high-quality production of custom parts

Metal machining performed by our experienced specialists on high-quality CNC machines:

  • allows you to quickly obtain products of even the most complex geometric shapes with accurate dimensions (in full compliance with technical drawings);
  • expands the possibilities of preliminary programming of equipment according to the specified parameters and timely elimination of errors;
  • contributes to the quality performance of any production task.

RallyPrecision is one of the best metalworking companies in China

Automated CNC steel machining provides high accuracy in the shapes and dimensions of parts as well as the level of surface smoothness. Modern changeover systems and software control allow us to optimize the production speed. Experienced specialists will quickly produce complex designs with impeccable quality.

We guarantee that not only the results, but also our rates will satisfy you. Apply now.

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