With a wide network of trained experts and access to advanced turning centers, Rally Precision provides you with the highest standard CNC turned parts, with minimum lead time.

Precision CNC Turned Parts

Multi-axis turning centers for developing complex CNC turned parts

For meeting the technical specifications of your CNC turned parts orders, we use ISO standard inspection techniques and provide CMM reports to our customers. Apart from that, we also offer a 2D report of the CNC turned parts, or a 3D scan, depending on your CAD requirements. The testing team at Rally runs thorough dimensional inspections on the manufactured CNC turned parts, to guarantee error-free parts to our valuable customers. For the sound quality of the final components, we use excellent raw materials and apply CNC turning techniques to them that go through a complete quality assurance structure. For the massive level production of CNC turned parts, our company complies with the quality standards set by the ISO9001-2015.

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Advance Quality Control Methods for Custom CNC Turned Parts

At Rally Precision, you have nothing to worry about, as all of your CNC turned parts orders here are handled with utmost professionalism. Being an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, we never compromise on the quality control of the custom CNC-turned parts. For maintaining a standardized quality control system, we have a large number of QC staff, that is responsible for delivering you the best results. After the production phase of your desired CNC turned parts, they are transferred to the testing department that deals with the quality control methods to make sure the final parts are according to your expectations.

High-accuracy manufacturing of CNC turned parts with flawless finishing is made possible with our top-notch CNC turning machines. There are specialized CNC turning centers at Rally Precision that allow our skilled operators to produce your desired CNC turned parts,  at a high speed. To deliver you the custom CNC turned parts with complex geometries, we carry out the turning operations using our multi-axis equipment. We offer CNC turning services for metal and plastics according to your geometrical requirements with the help of  3, 4, and 5 axis CNC turning machines. Our multi-axis turning machines reduce the time cycle for each operation and enhance the overall quality and durability of the components.

Metal & Plastic Material suitable for CNC turning


Aluminum has a unique set of characteristics that makes it the ideal material choice for all kinds of CNC turning operations. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and conductivity to its CNC-turned parts. In CNC turning, aluminum is mostly used for making auto and aviation parts.


Brass is not a soft material as it is made up of Zinc and Copper, both of which add their exclusive qualities to it. Subsequently, the CNC turned parts produced by using Brass have extreme durability and wear resistance. Household items and mechanical parts are common application

Carbon Steel

Rally Precision has extensive experience working with Carbon Steel for manufacturing CNC turned parts for various industries. With high carbon content, it offers great strength and machinability to CNC turned parts, for electronic and construction applications.

aluminum material
brass material
Stainless Steel Material
plastic material

Stainless Steel

For the aerospace, medical, and auto industries that require optimum finishing for their CNC turned parts, stainless steel works the best. Stainless steel offers high tensile strength, longevity, and temperature resistance, and requires minimum maintenance.


For the manufacturing of CNC turned parts, we use diverse categories of plastics, including HDPE, Nylon, ABS, POM, and polycarbonate. Each type of plastic material serves unique applications in multiple industries, such as medical, mechanical, and military.

2024-T3 C36000 Alloy Steel 4130 ABS
5052 C37800 Steel 1018 Acetal [Delrin]
6061-T6 C35000 SS 303 Acrylic
6063-T5 C34500 SS 304 Nylon PA66/6
6082 C28000 SS 316/316L PEEK
7075 C27400 SS 420 PTFE [Teflon]
More… More… More… PC / PP

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Why Use Our Turning Service

Reasonable Price

We work on an industrial model that focuses on providing the best solution for precision CNC turned parts at market competitive rates, as we handle the production costs efficiently.

Diverse Finishing Solutions

We provide the finest solutions for the production of custom CNC turned parts, with an extensive variety of surface finishing treatments, both for metal and plastic components.

Quick Customer Support

The staff at Rally immediately provides every technical detail related to your CNC turned parts, as we aim to provide premium customer support and build a trustworthy partnership.

Professional Team

The CNC turning machinists at Rally Precision are the best in their field, as they have more than 5 years of CNC turned parts manufacturing experience, professional training, and extensive knowledge.

Reduced Lead Time

With exclusive multi-axis turning centers for each kind of CNC turned part, the production time is equally reduced, hence we deliver your batch orders at a minimum lead time.

Global Shipment

Rally has been providing CNC turned parts production services to its valuable customers all around the world, with its high speed, reliable, and well-organized global shipment policy.

What Our Happy Clients Say

“ Working with Rally Precision has been great, we have been working with their team for the past three years and they provide the best CNC parts, shipped quickly and exactly as we requested. ”

Edward Stinson

Purchasing Manager


“ We have ordered a large number of CNC lathe parts from this manufacturer and all of the parts have passed our quality inspection. Their team is very responsive and provides good quality parts. ”




“ The team of Rally is very professional, we are working with them to produce CNC turned parts, not only the quality is very good, but also the delivery is very fast, we have very good cooperation. ”

Tim McCallum

Product Manager

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Our High-Quality CNC Turned Parts

We manufacture a wide variety of high-quality CNC turned parts for several different industries. The custom turned parts produced at our specialized turning centers have either 2D or 3D designs, and they vary in size, shape, and structure. We produce flawless CNC turned parts with intricate geometries for versatile applications.


A Complete FAQ Guide

Rally Precision is passionate about providing customers with high precision and advanced CNC turning solutions. Rally Precision's highly trained staff guides you through every aspect of CNC turning operation. We make sure our customers make smart choices for their prototype and volume orders. To make it easier for you, here's a complete guide to CNC Turning.

What Is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is one of the many techniques of computer-controlled machining which creates custom CNC turned parts by the rotation of the workpiece. In this process, the workpiece in a cylindrical shape is positioned in a chuck and rotated. While the workpiece is spinning, the fixed cutting tool transforms it into the desired CNC turned parts by removing the material from it. CNC turning can be done on the inside or outside of the workpiece depending on the geometry.

What are the types of CNC turning?

For producing CNC turned parts with diverse styles and geometries, there are many types of CNC turning. Here are some of them:

  • Facing: It is a type of CNC turning in which the cylindrical workpiece is positioned to the center of the machine.
  • Hard Turning: It includes a heat treatment before the turning process and it is best for harder materials, such as brass.
  • Grooving: The cutting tool makes deep furrows in the workpiece to shape it into a certain complexity and shape.

What Are The Applications Of CNC Turning?

  • Automotive

CNC turned parts serve numerous applications in the auto industry for prototype testing and the production of complex vehicle components. We produce the most dependable auto parts such as gear shafts, pistons, and engine cylinders.

  • Industrial

Industrial prototype designs are best produced by the CNC turning methods, for high-quality CNC turned parts. In the industrial setting, the turning process creates the precision turned parts with premium finishing and intricate detailing.

  • Electronics

CNC turning is a beneficial machining method for the electronics industries, for the production of multiple custom CNC turned parts. Many custom turned parts used in electrical appliances are made by turning machines. Common components include metal housing, bushes, pivot, tubing, and nozzles.

  • Medical

Medical and dental industries require high quality and durability which is why our CNC turning methods work there the best. We manufacture massive quantities of medical packing accessories, surgical tools, R&D fixtures, and X-ray equipment by using CNC turning.

  • Consumer Products

Apart from metal, we produce plastic CNC turned parts that are frequently used for the mass production of consumer products. Household, jewelry, food, and clothing factories use CNC turned parts for unlimited applications, and we provide the best solutions to all of those industries.

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